The Glory of the Lone Dragonflies.

Benjamin Teixeira by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Beautiful lady without courtship, going through life, as an enchanted lily with no hummingbird to kiss you… You feel lonely, abandoned, anguished by the sensation of helplessness and rejection.

However, I ask you; do you really, wholeheartedly, want to [...]

Men that mock ugly or fat women.

Men that mock ugly or fat women.



Men that mock ugly or fat women, in general, either have no sex appeal, or a small penis, or “short man sydrome”, or are closeted gays… besides showing, of course, a lack of maturity, feelings, education, and even character.

Spirit Roberto Daniel.Médium: Benjamin Teixeira de [...]

Lighting the Light to yourself

Lighting the Light to yourself


Message of the Holy Mary

“Today and always, the courage to serve continually…

The world swirled and maddened in the contradictions of the ego and of evil may fight against your effort to spread blessings that flow from High Above to you, for the resonance in your truly [...]

Intelligent Faith.

Intelligent Faith.


Message from the HOLY MARY.

“Be careful not to reduce that which is Everything to nothing!”

Faith is the bridge that connects us to God.

Spiritual convictions, however, demand accurate and persistent study, long ponderation, daily prayer and meditation, weekly disciplines of collective worship and practice of systematic charity.

Absurd beliefs [...]

Save Me.

Save Me. Message from the HOLY MARY.

The light was tenuous gas forming before us. The Figure of the Greatest Mother appeared amid the luminous mist and, over Her Sacrosanct Image, just a few inches ahead, the following few words emerged:

“Save Me.

Save the Earth and the brother or sister [...]