Management of oneself and one’s life – Message from Mary Christ

Life is what it is.

Events are never determinable, although they can be relatively manageable, according to the circumstances, potentials and resources of the people involved in them.

Not even your psyche is under your full control. Educate and discipline yourself, but it is essential that you respect, on [...]

The Sacred and the pathetic – Message from Mary Christ

Hope is a moral duty – lucid faith constitutes its possible corollary, with the inner work of reflection, of spiritual search and devotional practices, in a systematic and tireless commitment over long periods of time…

Ordinarily, no one obtains an elementary school diploma without dedicating successive years of daily study to [...]

Genuine Christian peace – Message from Mary Christ

Those who love care, but also educate. And those who educate are not always gentle in the way they act.

Therefore, do not trouble yourself when faced with the moral need to be stern for the sake of those within your scope of personal responsibility, [...]

The paradox of mortality, in the context of immortality

Every day, your physical body suffers a little decline of its “charge of vitality” – so to speak, to simplify the complex biochemical processes that gradually lead a material organism to its consumption.

An analogous event takes place in the psychic field, although in an even more sinuous and intricate [...]

Only route

In the pure and unconditional Love, the definitive redemption and sublimity.

Before that, however, my beloved child, in the human condition you are experiencing, try the less pure forms of love, which will gradually prepare you for the spectacular flights of transcendence and will already bring you, as they develop, [...]