Save me

The light was a subtle haze forming before us. The Figure of the Greatest Mother stood in the midst of the luminous mist, and over Her Sacrosanct Image, a few inches ahead of it, appeared only the few words that follow:   “Save me.   Save the Earth and the brother or sister next to [...]

Diabolical monster and/or dragon of the Good

Fear constitutes a system of defense present in animals and in human beings, acquiring more complex features in the human sphere of evolution. It is in this level of cognitive processing that phobias, night terror, panic syndrome, hopelessness toward oneself and other people, complete pessimism, cynicism and nihilism in relation to life arise…

Originally, fear [...]

The Christic Mother speaks, melancholically…

Our Greatest Mother appeared to us with a distinctly melancholic countenance and said as if She was whispering to our souls:

“Bring me the pains of the world, so that I can alleviate them.

Take to the people of the Earth my Message of hope.

Reanimate the fallen ones, so that they proceed with [...]

Happiness, peace, rapture and ecstasy

Psychological balance, emotional stability, strength in the constitution of a personality and its character are a goal, conscious or unconscious, of every human creature.

To materialize this ideal, however, it is essential, first, that the individual have a clear perception of the multiplicity of aspects that he/she are made up of, as well as of [...]

“Battle scars”, in the battlefields of life – and the three great genocidal leaders of the 20th century

“Battle scars” indicate not only the passage through a military confrontation in itself but, not rarely, also the stigma resulting from mistakes in the strategies of the generals or in the action taken by the soldiers and their direct officers, in the battlefronts.

More than just honored as heroes, the wounded and/or mutilated in the [...]