God can

From the darkness, the Supreme Being brought forth the Light.

From the primordial chaos, He-She sparked the Creative Forces of the Multiverses.

From the effervescent oceans of the primitive Earth, He-She fostered the germination of Life, in a pulsating and complex process of evolution.

Trust in God!

Your problem is not bigger than the world. [...]

The knots that Our Lady does not untie

“A knot, in a rope, may serve as an improvised step, supporting the ascension of those who use it as a way of climbing up a given height.

God and His-Her Messengers do not untie some of these existential knots, for they often constitute indispensable resources for the salvation of many creatures.

The knots in [...]

Eternal Now

Unfortunately, in the Earth of today, many people wait for dramatic situations in their lives for Life to happen.

One waits for a wedding, a graduation, the “first million”, a certain prestigious role in society, or something simpler, such as a new year or the happy hour of every week…

Libations and excesses of [...]

Christmas and hearts

How wonderful that Christmas reaches the hearts!

Even if the celebration of the birth of Jesus is diluted by commercial misrepresentations and by excessive treats of alcoholic beverages, or by social and family gatherings often forced and false in their spiritual fundaments, it is undeniable that it intensifies the spirit of fraternity in the collective [...]

The new, the classic and the Eternity

What is genuinely new is not what opposes the old but what is generated by the timeless. The creation of value is that which, instead of antagonizing, complements what predates it.

Authentic renovation and innovation do not deny the past. On the contrary, they are based on the valid achievements of what has already [...]