The Voice of Truth for all time

Jesus was the Divine Logos incarnated for the civilization of this planet.

The referentials of sensibleness, social justice, authentic devotion to God, detachment from ephemeral power, prestige or possessions of the material domain of existence, as well as the combative proposition of focusing on primely searching for the Essential, which He called the “Kingdom of [...]

Uncomplicating the Essential

I am with you and I assist you, in the Name of the Supreme Being.

In a deeper plane of Reality, it is impossible for me not to be with you or not to assist you. The only obstacle, albeit inviolable, by an irrevocable Universal Law of respect for individual freedom, are your conscious or [...]

Pathway to the joy of living

Do not fear the mistakes of the past or the uncertainties of the future. Focus your attention on the present, aligning yourself, as much as is feasible for you with the sense of duty to fulfill, of profound realization of your existential purpose, of surrender to the feeling and/or the search for a state of [...]

Blasphemy and tragedy

The Will of God is omnipresent and omnipotent and, thus, subsists not only at the beginning but also at the end of human relationships, allowing those involved to experience a particular set of lessons during a certain period of time.

If someone taken by haughtiness does not accept such an elementary lesson, they apply, by [...]

Little slips, big disasters

When you ask someone to do for you what is your personal responsibility, most likely the job will not be done to satisfaction. Attribute then to yourself the blame for what happened, instead of projecting it onto the individual entrusted with the task or getting angry with them, because then there will be two [...]