The axis and the end of everything 

Love is the essential focus of the soul, the floor of morality, the apex of Spirituality, the worlds’ reason of being, the life purpose of the creatures…

Love is in the goodness to friends, in the kindness to strangers, in the dedication to loved ones, in the devotion to God!…

The paradox of mortality, in the context of immortality

Your physical body suffers, a little every day, the decline of the “vitality charge” – so to speak, to simplify the complex biochemical processes that gradually lead a material organism to its consumption.

An analogous event takes place in the psychic field, although in an even more winding and intricate way. Personality characteristics, character [...]

The Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven

I ask you, my dear child, to convey this simple message to all the people you can reach.

May our hearts unify themselves, in a deep sense and purpose of fraternity, travel together, in a mystical trip toward God, in order to accomplish the final prophecy of Jesus: “Father, may [...]

The true happiness

Be happy – in the widest, most profound and altruistic significance of the word. Not as a merely superficial and childish pursuit of a sequence of joy and pleasure, but as a method of systematically applying and surrounding yourself with meaningful activities in service to the common good.

To be happy – in this [...]

What really matters

This is the most intense storm of historical events that has ever occurred in all human presence on the Earth.

Nevertheless, tempests, as any other climatic phenomena, no matter how destructive they are, do pass and leave behind a cleaner atmosphere.

In this so important epoch, every single [...]