Intelligent Faith.

Intelligent Faith.


Message from the HOLY MARY.

“Be careful not to reduce that which is Everything to nothing!” 

Faith is the bridge that connects us to God.

Spiritual convictions, however, demand accurate and persistent study, long ponderation, daily prayer and meditation, weekly disciplines of collective worship and practice of systematic  charity.

Absurd beliefs powered by thunderous words, in hysterical and/or mechanical homilies, as well as automatized prayers, resemble primitive rituals of the pre-civilizational eras of humanity. And they cannot, in any way, meet the complex moral and psychological needs of the educated mind of the modern human being, who struggles with the ambiguities of discernment and awareness of consequences, in the progressive tendency of overcoming Manichaeism and the exceedingly childish fantasies about the rewards and punishments of the afterlife.

Atheism and materialism gallop and spread vigorously, in the present, due to the lack of a mature, adult, and educated faith, which is the opposite of church dogmatism.

The man and woman of today need intelligent discourses of Spirituality that respect science, and logical-mathematical reasoning when offering a window of perception of the transcendent, of the transpersonal and of the Divine!…” 


Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

In the Name of the Holy MARY

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar


May 23, 2015.

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