New Year Message

In the prelude of the “new year”, let’s think that, to create a preamble of a new era in our lives, it is important to enable ourselves to reflect deeply, at each moment experienced. We easily become accustomed, when incarnated, to live automatically, to react mechanically, to answer with ready-made formulas, to try to solve [...]

Spiritual intimacy


For human life to be complete, familial and amical relationships, ties of intimacy, whether or not formed by biological kinship, need to be maintained, developed, deepened. In the circles of more intimate fraternity, there is an exercise of lived and felt universal good-fellowship, to which all human creatures are destined, toward angelhood!…

Benjamin [...]

Responsible resignation


Do not surrender to the idea of accommodating yourself to a level of frustration that paralyzes your effort to fulfill your ideals of tranquility and feeling of duty accomplished. The principle of resignation to God’s Will cannot arise as a pretext to escape personal responsibility.

Small efforts and opening to possibilities delineated by [...]

Christmas manger and human heart


The symbolism of the manger for the birth of JESUS is strong. The Christ Verb of the Divine Truth longs to be born, as a Level of Consciousness, in the very limitation of our human hearts, enclosed within a stable of moral and psycho-spiritual primitivism, just as the stable is a redoubt for [...]

The advanced moral of Jesus

Christmas is a sublime milestone for the exercise of authentic fraternity: in the loves that propel us to creatively live together, in the affections that demand distance so as not to degenerate into avoidable conflicts, in the disaffections to be treated with constructive civility, in the apprentices who ask us for attention and care — [...]