Your enormous tiny little mission from God

You were told, dear friend, that missions from God are “great” missions.

And you see yourself so small!… You never imagined and still cannot conceive the idea that any “grandiose” destiny has been reserved for you.

It is great that you feel and think this way!

It [...]

Fifteen minutes

“For fifteen minutes a day, pray, meditate, think about the Infinite Goodness and Wisdom of God.

This is the first step, although essential, to travel the long journey of self-discovery, on the way to transcendence, passing through the rocky roads, but with flowery and illuminated margins, of the vocation fully lived.


The visit of the little shepherdess of Fatima

I met Jacinta, one of the little shepherdesses of Fatima, comfortably accommodated in a seat of the gazebo where I had been taken to on other occasions to engage in brief talks with the direct spokespersons of Mary Christ.

After greeting me, discreetly and elegantly, the saint from overseas, whose spiritual body appeared as [...]

Excerpts from prayers and reflections aloud – 2

Our Lady, Mary Christ!

Our Lord Jesus, Christ Verb of Truth for the Earth of all past, present and future generations!

Our Lord Gabriel, Father of Jesus and of us all!

Christic Holy Trinity, who represents the Divinity in Its Maternal and Paternal Faces, for each one of us!

We earnestly ask for Your [...]

Egoic and transpersonal levels of managing one’s own existence

The more we psychologically mature or spiritually develop ourselves, leaving the sphere of ego control, the less we try to decide, but rather verify which is the right decision to be made for a given moment.

In other words: we begin to manage our existences from a transpersonal, supra-lucid perspective.


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar [...]