Fanaticism and terrorism everywhere

Fanaticism is an imbalance of the human perceptions and cognitive functions, not restricted to religious circles.

Terrorism does not only happen in its most obvious expression, as an unfortunate development of the distortion of spiritual tenets, but extends to any order of intolerance, fomenting, directly or indirectly, psychological, verbal or physical violence: of [...]

Fraternity without borders

Let’s understand the importance of experiencing the bonds of fraternity, inside and outside circuits of blood or marriage, so that we not only grow toward the great network of universal fraternity, but that we also improve the quality of our most intimate affective bonds.

May all interpersonal contact be guided by the idea of equality [...]

Stepping away to better get closer

One of the Life’s “magic” is to understand the reading of flows of events as indicative of the Divine Will. Forgiveness, therefore, means not to wish harm to the offender and to be open to conciliation, as much as possible, respecting the moments of minor distancing, so that they do not become major ruptures. To [...]

Battles everywhere

There are more obvious battlefields, such as the job market, the commercial “territories”, the business, academic and scientific competition, the parliamentary arenas of political disputes and the intricate litigations of the legal sphere.

However, if we sharpen our perception, we will notice that, from the court to the tatamis, from the confrontations between [...]

The opportune moment of faith

When everything seems gloomy and lost, we come to the time of faith, to the circumstance that is proper to it. A mature faith, which does not mean vain and naive expectation of the best, motivates us to do what is our personal responsibility, without expecting from the Spiritual World and the Divine Plane the [...]