Frustrated Expectations.

Frustrated expectations. (*1)

Benjamin Teixeira by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia.

You would like that your friends could understand you promptly and completely. This is the desire of every human being. Given the discrepancy of characters and levels of evolution (which is not small on Earth), it is natural for conflicts to arise frequently [...]

Existential Mission.


No one can claim not to know what one is on Earth for. If you are not yet aware of the purpose that brought you to the physical world, browse your conscience, listen to your intuition, pray, asking to God inspiration, consult friends, older, wiser and more [...]

Existential Mission.

Right or wrong, we all should have defined goals, or we will be induced by external intelligences, usually by the forces of “opposition”since the Divine Powers await our personal decision, never invading our field of intimate decisions.


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

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Existential Mission.



There are signs that the Divine Providence affixed into your life to point out the path to follow. Flaws and limitations are one fundamental area. Qualities and innate tendencies are another, complementary to the first. Analyse your own weaknesses and strenghts; observe the vocation(s) that you bring from the cradle, or the [...]

Existential Mission.



Note that weeds thrive without us needing to plan them. However, to have a high quality harvest, it is indispensable to sow, after preparing the ground, and also, fertilize, irrigate, avoid pests, ensuring that the natural process of crop growth suffers no interruption caused by incidental factors.

Benjamin Teixeira de [...]