The worst that could and that can still happen

Storms of fate would necessarily come… Psychic nimbuses anticipated the tempests of misfortunes that would spark the lightnings of the Law of Return over this hardened earthly humanity.

However, there is always the Heavenly Mercy, manifesting Itself often in an invisible way, especially in Its most powerful effects.

We were immersed in reflections around this spiritual and generous perspective concerning the tragic events taking place on the surface of the planet when Our Greatest Mother appeared to us enveloped in an immense and prodigious luminous halo, proclaiming unreservedly:

“- Billions of people would die during the current pandemic – something between a quarter and a third of the incarnated population, in a similar fashion to that of the bubonic plague, in terms of percentage of the number of victims… We managed, by the mercy of the Divine Grace, to reduce it to a few million deaths.

 There would be a global collapse of the stock markets and of the world economy as a whole, with devastating and long-term consequences… We managed, with the interference of the Supreme Mercifulness, that only a few refluxes of financial and material prosperities occurred…

 A nuclear Armageddon was on the verge of breaking out or, at least, the bloodshed of tens of millions of physical lives, as occurred in the last two world wars… We were granted the Clemency of the All-Love Being, in the sense that the greater tragedy was extremely attenuated, in a proportion of one thousand to ten thousand times less than what would unfold in another hypothetical timeline of events…

 The Infinite Goodness of God is never absent and always mitigates all pain, providing, as much as the free will of individuals and collectivities allow, happier or less unfortunate scenarios…

 Meanwhile, we have not reached the end of this saga… that of the human history on Earth…

 In a time of international and multifaceted crisis, with the potential to derail into chaos, in graver dimensions, may each creature and every community of this earthly civilization fulfil their share of responsibility, focusing on the work and the combat in favor of the good, of human peace, dignity and life, by all means at their disposal…

 Furthermore, let us trust that the Divinity, in Its Perfect Wisdom, will do much better, alleviating sufferings and maximizing joys, in measures unthinkable to the human level of understanding.”


 Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
LaGrange, New York, USA
April 7, 2022

The worst that could and that can still happen 1

The worst that could and that can still happen 2


The worst that could and that can still happen 3

The Powers of the Good unite when evil besets us

Brothers and Sisters in Ideal:

The Powers of the good unite when evil besets us, with its expressions of tyranny, violence and destruction.

In the link from The Guardian, we share an emblematic example of this phenomenon that, because it is led by a woman leader, the president of the European Commission, encourages and inspires us even more!

Hail human, spiritual and Divine femininity!

Hail the great and only Cause: humanity, its freedom and dignity, in every sense!

May Our Greatest Mother, Mary Christ – Representative of the Maternal Face of God to Earth — continue finding channels for the manifestation of Light, to save us all from darkness…


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar 
Ashburn, Virginia, Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, USA
March 1, 2022

The Powers of the Good unite, when evil besets us

Light in the shadows and danger in the contentment


In your bad moments, God sees you, even if you do not feel welcomed, protected or connected to Him/Her.

Remember this, when you are not well, to call upon the Presence of the Lord/Lady, even if you do not feel in your best devotional state. The Divinity will hear you, no matter if you do not perceive it more clearly.

Be careful, though, because the reverse is true. When you are happy and confident, the forces of chaos will still be in your sight, no matter how distant or even non-existent they may seem to you when you are too euphoric or too calm.

Watch, then, as taught by Our Master and Lord Jesus, so that you do not lower your guard of prudence and common sense, thus protecting yourself, as much as you can, from the interference of agents contrary to your peace and happiness, as well as that of your loved ones and of those who, in some way, are under your personal influence.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Lucas Desiderium (Spirit)
LaGrange, New York, USA
September 21, 2021

Light in the shadows and danger in the contentment


Light in the shadows and danger in the contentment 1


How to cope with the tragic death of a child at a young age?

 Be thankful to God for the blessing of allowing you to have your child for a few years. Our presence in each other’s lives is not a guarantee or a constituted right, but a gift. Not realizing this reveals a significant part of our selfish and materialistic illusions, disguised as love and wounded dignity. Children are no one’s property. Ultimately, in our sequence of reincarnations, we are all children of the Divinity, which entrusts us, temporarily, to mothers and fathers on Earth.

Cheer up, moreover, with the happy prospect of reunion with your child after the physical death. Death only affects the organic apparatus that we wear during a reincarnation, not reaching the eternal Spirit that we are.

Beware, though: suicide is a sure way to make it impossible for you to reunite with your disembodied loved one, since it consists of a very serious crime before the Divine Laws and Designs, as taught by all religious schools and spiritual traditions, from all eras and cultures of earthly humanity.

Matheus-Anacleto (Spirit)
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
January 26, 2018

How to cope with the tragic death of a child at a young age?


Youth and eternity

Youth is blank paper, in many ways, for the free writing of a line of destiny, steady or wobbly, straight or winding, geometric or artistic…

Not everything one wants one can have or do. But it is perfectly possible, with discipline and persistence, to achieve the very best of what one ever imagined possible, in various departments of one’s existence.

Modern societies grant the young so much more freedom – to choose paths in their affective, professional or even spiritual life –, an unthinkable freedom in recent times and for millennia… and unfortunately, even now, quite limited in many less civilized corners of the planet.

May this freedom to create one’s own existential path and, to a certain extent, also to shape oneself be fully seized, in the best way: for personal happiness and fulfillment.

May there not be so many young people aged prematurely, in the bad sense of the concept of aging: becoming intoxicated with cynicism, paralyzed with despair, filled with systematic fear and hostility.

May the confidence in the problem-solving ability of human ingenuity and unrestricted faith in the Infinite Goodness of God favor the maximum fertilization of the creative potentials of the young, and may this level-ideal of consciousness of Youth of Spirit be extended to people of all age groups of the physical body and beyond, aware that the idea of ​​renewing, recreating and being reborn is proper to each individual, in any circumstance, time and place.

That is why Jesus stated that would enter the Kingdom of Heaven not exactly the little children, but those who resemble them, that is, those who are open to the new, to forgiveness, to starting over, to love, to happiness, here, today and forever…


Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia
Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
May 30, 2015

Youth and eternity