Passivity is irresponsibility.

We may even omit from acting extemporaneously or erroneously, which implies that we are aware of our attitude. However, we never should give in (to anyone) the power to decide what is more right to do, to think or to feel — because, even for us to wisely interpret the Messages of Heaven, such as those inscribed in the Gospels of Our Lord JESUS, the filter of common sense is indispensable, so that we do not read them in a dogmatic and fanatic way, which is equivalent to saying: in a sacrilegious and diabolic way.


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar and Spiritual Friends

Psychographic text on January 12, 2018


Passivity is irresponsibility

The curious case of a Friendly Spirit

The curious case of a Friendly Spirit 1


It was 4:45 am this Monday (Brasilia time), when I was awoken, after 4 hours and 15 minutes of sleep, with an unusual image.


Good-humored and satirical, a Spiritual Friend (who preferred to stay anonymous) introduced me, on a white canvas, the bizarre image of an owl that had, before it, a crystal slipper, the one similar to that of Cinderella’s old fable — whose origin is attributed to Chinese traditions.


I looked at the picture… and, when I remembered the marriageable girl who, for being pure and good (and, especially, young, thin, beautiful and blonde), deserved to marry the prince heir to the kingdom (equally handsome and young, but also very rich and powerful), the artist of the other Domain of human Reality, in a tone of declamation, with a broad provocative smile, said:


“Put it on, Lady Wisdom, the crystal slipper of social conventions and personal interests. If your ‘little foot’ fits well, in the so perfect and charming shoe, you ma’am will be right… and everyone will live happily ever after!…


Woe to those who think they can harmonize the Will of Heaven with the demands of the Earth, the urges of the Spirit and of the vocation with the structures of value and customs of a specific culture or time, the Voice of the conscience and of the heart with the opinions and likings of this (these) or of that (those) person(s), although much loved…


As Our Master and Lord JESUS asserted, “you cannot serve two masters.” And, in another episode of His Stay on the physical plane of the orb, addressing a disciple who was distressed by housework, while her sister stood at His Feet to hear Him, uttered the grave and timeless alert:


“Martha, Martha… you are restless and you worry about many things of this world, and only One Thing is important… Mary chose the best part… which will not be taken from her…”


What, my dear reader, will you prefer? To listen to the Voice of Wisdom — which is God’s guidance for you — and follow It, for your own good and genuine happiness, or you will try to “fit” the sacred “little paw” of the symbolic Owl [of Wisdom], in the deceitful and sinister prison of a fragile, uncomfortable and dysfunctional “glass slipper [of the social conventions and of the personal interests] ?


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar and Spiritual Friends


The curious case of a Friendly Spirit 2 The curious case of a Friendly Spirit 3 The curious case of a Friendly Spirit 4

April 8, 2018

Oracular Speech

The Celestial Mother lovingly cast Her Eyes upon us, during a brief Sacred Meeting, and, in a fabulous synthesis of wisdom, like a Semi-Divine Oracle, declared:


May it be understood:


Free will – as an exercise of the ego toward transcendence.


Physical or intermissive life (between incarnations) – as a precious countdown timer, granted by God, for the development of specific tasks of learning and realization in the field of the common good.


Possessions and external positions, talents or inner aptitudes – as mere tools of service for the comfort, enlightenment and happiness of others.


Love and joy – as encouragement to self-giving and devotion to humanitarian and spiritual causes!…


Holy Mary,

In interaction with the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia


Psychography received by Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

July 22, 2018.

Oracular Speech

Disdain against the voices which speak in the name of the Voices of the High Above

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
by the Spirit Temístocles.

You observe someone with reservation, or even with disdain… This person may represent what you are far from understanding… You do not know who he or she can be, once free from a body of dense matter. He or she is obviously human and have flaws. But, do you have any idea of who this person really is, behind the appearance of normality that the most advanced souls make sure to keep, when passing through the surface of the globe to fulfill special mandates of work?

There are unequivocal signs around the Representatives of the Good. The more endorsed the Representatives are by the Celestial Authorities of whom they are the spokespeople for, the stronger the signs. It is not about a futile and childish dispute over who is right, but a warning to recognize those who have, in fact, the Tutelage of the Greater Plan of Life, to speak in the name of the Higher Levels of Consciousness, while remaining in the physical domain of existence.
Be careful with prejudgments. It is very easy to follow the standards of morality of a certain time and place, of a specific culture, including religious segments, with their exegesis of sacred scriptures that vary from pulpit to pulpit, from church to church. Let’s remember the horrors perpetrated, in the past, by formally organized religions. The legitimate prophets, as a rule, were treated, by their contemporaries, as impostors, depraved and immoral, when not as agents of evil forces. Today, clamorous mistakes of the same genre continue to happen, proportionally to the current parameters of costumes and values. Therefore, there is a lot of false moral nowadays, and it often manifests itself as a pharisaic hypocrisy, in the conservatism that hinders the progress of communities and individuals.

To repeat texts of the Bible or clichés of any canons of “unquestionable truths”, so as to justify discriminatory postures against those who think or act differently, was exactly what the religious and illustrated classes did, the ones who persecuted, judged and sentenced to death by crucifixion the Greatest Envoy of Heaven whom Earth has ever seen and will never see again.
“Think outside the box”, as the Anglophones say. Be smart enough to go beyond the schemes of evaluation that are circumstantial to your environment and cultural formation or restrict to the era in which you live. Remember that what is defended by the conservatives, nowadays, as right, fair and good, has once been execrated not long ago… Women and blacks were considered soulless beings; non-Jews were seen as enemies of God; and even hygiene habits were once interpreted as dangerous temptations to be avoided, to not give opportunity to the “passions of the flesh”!…
It is about asking yourself: what is going to be, within a very short period of time, abominated by the great majority of people as retrograde and unfair? The accelerated evolution of ideas and references of moral and spirituality give us an idea of what is to come… But only a vague notion. Be careful. Countless creatures fell on the deplorable mistake of stoning who had reincarnated to save them from their own unhappiness, and had to face the consequences of much greater misfortune, right after. God is Fair, severely Fair with those who see themselves in conditions of judging others, as He-She is also All-Merciful to those who have understanding and fraternal postures toward their brothers and sisters in humanity. That is what the greater Master of moral and spiritual mystique said: “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged.”

Pay attention, so as to benefit more and better with such friendly presences and with what they have to offer you, to your own growth and well-being. There rarely are angels or sanctified spirits representing Powers of Heaven, but, as a rule, good men and women, noble enough to put their ideals above their personal and immediate interests. Be alert, inasmuch as not only the personalities raised to extraordinary positions of responsibility before the multitude, way more mature and visibly ahead of their time, are under our analysis, in this unpretentious study, but also those figures of little charisma and maybe even a little boring (because less moved by the ego), who can occult themselves in the position of a dedicated teacher, an affectionate father, a loyal and generous friend or a mere unknown person, in the thoroughfare, capable of performing an act of solidarity, without expecting any retribution or even recognition.

(Psychography from September 4th, 2014.)

The image that illustrates this publication

Joan of Arc, the military genius, was the main responsible for the end of the infamous and devastating War of the Hundred Years. As and openly “transsexual” and medium, she was condemned to be burned at the stake, by the Inquisitorial Courts, with only 19 years of age, two years after finishing her glorious campaign for the reclaiming of the French territory from the English invaders, such a mission that was only completed in the following years of her execution, for they ravished her from the physical existence, before she could accomplish it. It is not known how many lives and values of cultural heritage were saved, by the action of the brilliant general who incarnated in a girl’s body, to lead armies of hungry, unprepared and demoralized men, taking them to successive and prodigious victories, over the then invincible enemy forces, without ever wielding a sword.



Disdain against the voices which speak in the name  of the Voices of the High Above



Urgent civilizational paradigmatic rupture – Statement submitted by the Quantum Leap Institute, as an organization in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), to the High-Level Political Forum 2019, which will be held in July, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York

Urgent civilizational paradigmatic rupture

Fritjof Capra, in his classic “The Turning Point” (1982), states that we live a “crisis of perception” in our civilization. Thomas Kuhn, in his work “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” (1962), describes the historical cyclical phenomenon he called “paradigm shifts”, in the field of sciences and human values.

It is urgent to unleash a revolution, involving the whole planet, of a systemic, multifaceted nature, on all fronts of human action, encompassing from major decisions, in the scope of national and international policies, to the implementation of social inclusion and economic survival measures.

The monster of war seems like a wound that never heals, and terrorism becomes increasingly dangerous, as revealed by the spread of nuclear weapons technology that haunts our future.

The cultural, religious, economic and political problems and conflicts of today are complex, just as the urgent issue of the acute imbalance in the self-regulating functions of the ecosystems. However, scholars of various areas of knowledge agree that we have plenty of techno-scientific means to overcome all the problems that threaten the human species and the biosphere.

However, without the political will of statespersons, without the awareness of the masses, including the so-called “educated” populations of Earth’s most developed and wealthy nations, the survival of humankind will not be possible.

The tribal mentality of nationalism is incompatible with the growing closeness and interaction among diverse cultures, in an overpopulated globe with scarce and severely threatened natural resources. We must see ourselves as Marshall McLuhan’s “global village”, a single community, interconnected and interdependent, but we must eradicate the primitive belligerence of disputes over territory, inherited from our phylogenetic past, from our “excessively” animal neurophysiology.

We all are (or should be) conscious of it. Overwhelmed by information, we use fast advancing technologies and science, but we stubbornly behave like self-centered primates, dividing ourselves into ethnocentric groups, whether linguistic, geographical or religious and cultural.

If we do not stop judging ourselves superior to one another and believing it is possible for any human group to survive to the detriment of others, sooner or later, we will all fall into the abyss.

Having all the resources and intelligence to save the planet, it becomes clear that the issue is not merely logical, but psychological – as Stephen Covey highlighted. The problem lies in our psyche and in our culture of using thought processes to justify primitive emotional manifestations. Either we change our feelings, or the cognitive disorder that has been corrupting the deliberations of governments and important corporations, relating to the personal choices of billions of individuals, will continue, dragging us all toward the precipice of self-destruction.

Call it humanism, spiritualism without religion or ecological consciousness, we will have to take this leap of perception and interpretation of reality, toward truly feeling and relating as brothers and sisters in humanity, awakening to the inexorable need of cooperative and solidary coexistence of all people and peoples, on this same speck of cosmic dust we call planet Earth.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
Founding president of the Quantum Leap Institute
(Psychography of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia)
Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil
April 18, 2019

(Translated by: Marcone Vieira and Belle Trag)