Fanaticism and terrorism everywhere


Fanaticism is an imbalance of the human perceptions and cognitive functions, not restricted to religious circles.

Terrorism does not only happen in its most obvious expression, as an unfortunate development of the distortion of spiritual tenets, but extends to any order of intolerance, fomenting, directly or indirectly, psychological, verbal or physical violence: of sexual, ethnic, economic, cultural, linguistic, national… nature.

Femicide is terrorism, just like the murder perpetrated, in a shameful and alarming rate, against members of the LGBT community, often with refinements of cruelty. And what to say about the police forces that unwarrantably attack, imprison and kill young black men in Brazil, in the USA, in different parts of the so-called civilized portion of earthly humanity?…

Pockets of war and poverty, scattered across the surface of the planet, sweeping the lives of legions of defenseless civilians, and the diabolic scenario of thousands of children dying of hunger, daily, as a result of crass injustices in the global income distribution, equate to forms of permanent genocide, difficult to be framed, for being so horrendous, within the scope of fanaticism and terrorism as we normally understand them.

Every sect closed in itself, even if it does not accept itself as such, is necessarily radical, fanatical, fundamentalist, insofar as it limits and distorts the perception of reality, getting away from a multifaceted, lucid and, therefore, inclusive overall view.

Masked by other social reasons for existing, these sects arrogate to themselves functions of “spiritual” nature, meaning to define purpose for the existence of their followers. And the effects of this tainted influence become more destructive when its adherents do not realize that they are subliminally absorbing, without the scrutiny of a critical analysis, the disturbing and destructive ideological content.

This – unconsciousness and/or dissimulation – can be observed in the field of sports, of politics, of academic circles, among activist atheists and even in legions of fans of flavor of the month celebrities.

Religious experience is an innate propensity of the human psyche, especially because there are regions of cerebral neurophysiology that are specifically equipped for mystic-spiritual experiences. Thus, by denying the Sacred, the creature ends up replacing the Figure of God with an obviously insufficient substitute to fulfill the “role” of the Creator in his/her life, starting to worship (idolize) false gods, such as power, prestige, sex, drugs, among other vices and illusions of the material world.

Here, then, is the root — idolatry – of the remarkably hysterical or, at least, unstable behavior of those who slip into virulent attitudes toward the opinions and feelings of people who do not share their views.

Let us protect ourselves against the pseudo-intelligence that conceals the lack of heart, of conscience and of character in exponents of political, scientific, academic, media and even religious doctrines.

Let us prioritize the conscience, the fraternity, the respect and the mutual solidarity, getting away from abuses and abusers, focusing our attention and energies on freeing ourselves from the shackles of evil, of the past, of vices of any nature.

Out with the manifestations of tyranny, whether they are committed at home or within the sphere of national governments, in intimate relations or in the circuit of international economic conglomerates.

Let us join hands in this inexorable, even though painful, awakening process, breaking out of prisons and hypnoses of all kinds.

It is time to wake up to the “Kingdom of Heaven”, which Jesus located “within us”. However, for that, we need to face the hardest, deepest and most difficult personal truths, which propel us away from the crystallized comfort zones to which, disastrously, we have become accustomed. Let us thus be inspired by another maxim that the Christ Divine Verb bequeathed to us: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free…”

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
New Fairfield (CT, USA)
November 26, 2017



Simplism, cynicism and perversity of the atheistic activism, in the planetary urgency we are going through

The combat to all forms of prejudice that hurt human dignity – such as racism, sexism, LGBTphobia, elitism, the depreciation of people with physical or mental disabilities, of immigrants or refugees – currently receives, very rightly, great applause from the media and from academic circles.

However, a kind of collective outbreak arises, when it comes to defending the rights of those who dedicate themselves to spirituality.

Certainly, there are decent individuals who, despite having severe difficulties in the field of faith and the perception of the spiritual, mystical and paranormal domain, tend to be discreet when explaining their points of view so not to harm the devotional sensibility of religious people.

On the other hand, some detractors of spirituality, despite declaring themselves against oppression and fanaticism (which, without a doubt, are harmful to every area of human action and knowledge), only present justifications for attacking, in a rather uncivilized and even irrational way, everything that does not match their materialistic perspective of reality.

They do not realize, for instance, that they contradict findings and advanced concepts in the physics of subatomic particles, unequivocal in attesting that matter and energy, time and space only constitute isolated categories of phenomena when observed from the human level of cognition. They ignore the exhaustive evidence that, in a deeper level, even apparently concrete objects and events disappear in a borderless ocean of information, conscience and infinite probabilities of events.

If these unfortunate and perturbing creatures, but who consider themselves very enlightened because they contest religious obscurantism (this one, yes, a valid and necessary protest, as We said above), search their memories impartially, they will detect a moment of frustrated caprice or wounded pride that made them deny the existence of the Creator.

Meanwhile, through a mechanism of self-defense, the “traumatic” experience (not always so traumatic since the foundations are fixed in the ego and its childish delusions) often suffer an almost immediate psychological concealment, so that it cannot be easily accessible, especially because, as a rule, those in love with denial do not wish, in any way, to be caught in error.

When these stubborn deniers are not met in their presuppositions of truth on how the Supreme Being should act, especially in what concern their personal values and interests, they simply conclude that He-She does not exist since everything that their shriveled intelligences and hearts do not understand is, in a flash, regarded as impossible – the irony of stupidity and ignorance added to presumption and rebellion with no defensible purpose. They would never admit their own limitations in evaluating the events of life and their natural contradictions and complexities… for these deluded and arrogant characters, God should not exist…

Successive and elaborated layers of rationalizations are triggered after the episode that generated their resistance to spiritual matters, but the pretexts they engender for themselves always sound very plausible to them. Some nihilists sophisms, however, are so complicated, inconsistent and inelegant, that they resemble flashy carnival costumes flaunted in a gala ceremony. That is, while they assume themselves to be very insightful for not accepting “primitive beliefs”, these unwary individuals are regarded as pedantic and ridiculous, before more lucid and mature people who see them like mere emotional, tantruming and suffering children, under the cover of a pompous pseudo-rationality.

However, atheists who consciously perceive themselves as such are much more honest – especially with themselves – than a significant portion of the population who claims to be theist, but whose behavior reveals unresolved inner problems with the authentic spirit of religiosity.

These last psychotypes, when frustrated in their beliefs of fragile and childish basis, usually stop in the middle of formulating their impressions and, instead of accepting their own conflict with God and His-Her Designs, transform the denial of the Transcendentality and of the Sacred into veiled or open processes of attack, against personalities and institutions that represent Them, accusing of hypocrites or fanatics all those who have a well-founded spiritual conviction.

In general, those who speak against spirituality do not even see the lack of quality philosophical foundation in their fallacious arguments, just as they ironically do not realize the obvious contradictions in their speeches truncated by the exacerbated amount of shallow emotions.

They believe in the abstract existence of politics and the economy, despite knowing that both are full of vultures of the power and jackals of the finances. However, because they find individuals of bad character or mentally disturbed in the field of activities related to transcendence – as there are in all areas of human activity—, they immediately rush, without any intellectual decency or moral scruple, even in front of educated audiences, to parade their unfounded conjectures about the Divinity and the widely evidenced universes of paranormality and spirituality.

If the repression of sexuality, in the course of centuries, has caused so much harm to humanity, what could be said, in terms of extension and multiplicity, of the horrors that result from the castration of this fundamental human attribute: the tendency-necessity of devotional and spiritual experiences?

For no other reason, the earthly humanity is on the verge of an ecological, nuclear, pandemic apocalypse, etc. Loss of motivation to live, existential anguish, vices of all kinds, mental disorders and suicides multiply, in astronomical quantity, claiming or ruining the lives of millions, decade after decade. Now, the civilization itself is in peril, at the brink of sliding into the precipice of self-extinction.

We urgently need to end the current cultural hypnosis that leads more susceptible minds to presume that intelligence and instruction must decline into cynicism and in mockery toward the sacred impulses of reverence to God.

May the pathetic and potentially genocidal atheistic activism be eradicated, as a matter of urgency.

May the antagonists of the practices of spiritual nature demonstrate, as anyone who is not a psychopath does, a sense (even if only minimal) of social responsibility and respect for the feelings of devotion to the Divine.

It is exactly the violation of these profound and essential feelings that has induced, in the course of successive decades, legions of sensitive souls to suicide and to desperation, as it has also been causing the dismantling of entire communities, fomenting, directly or indirectly, the alarming increase of the probability of the collapse of the civilization… of the destruction of the human species itself and of all planetary biosphere…

Eugênia-Aspásia and Matheus-Anacleto (Spirits)
in the Name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
July 9, 2020








The blessing of aging

Recife, Brazil. January 11, 1985. The last soap opera of the night had just finished, and my paternal great-aunt, Julieta (deceased in 1997), whose house I was staying for a few weeks, during the summer holidays early that year, went to talk to her neighbors, in that old-fashioned habit of placing chairs in front of the houses for a bit of “chitchat”.

I stood there, feeling strange, eyes fixed on the turned-off TV. I rarely watched soaps, but, in my grand-aunt’s house, with that deep-rooted custom, as a good retired Brazilian spinster that she was, it was customary (as a religious thing) to sit in front of the television to watch one soap after another, until the end of the broadcast. The screen dimly reflected the room around. A young man, who lived in the neighborhood (I recall he was 26 years old at the time), passed, without a shirt, in front of the living room window where I was. He was walking in the middle of the road, shouting something to someone… Shortly after, a teenage girl around 11 or 12 years of age (a little younger than I was those days – I had just turned 14)… then… wham!… I got into a trance, the most spectacular trance of my life, perhaps not in phenomenological terms but in the sense of implications for my future, a mystical experience so important that up to this day I consider it to be visceral, like a second birthday, which I celebrate, alone – and with God and His-Her Representatives.

20 years have now passed… I usually scribble these autobiographical narratives at the date these events happened in my past. Now, however, as requested by Eugênia-Aspásia, the dear Spiritual Guide, here I am, detailing particularities that are very dear to my heart, before the multitude, two months before the actual celebration of that day’s anniversary. There are purposes in Eugênia’s request that are unknown to me, but, as I have already said before, I understand that an autobiographical narrative is one of the most persuasive and impactful, for being more complete, reliable and concrete. And, as for this particular experience, it is something very precious and confidential to me, since it deals with my own issues, regarding a distant future, which concerns only me and the good spirits by whom I am guarded.

In October of the previous year (1984), only three months before (exactly three months), I had written a text named “I” (which I wrote about in the article: “Encounter with the Shadow”, available in the texts archive of the Quantum Leap Institute’s Portuguese language website), which triggered a powerful process of self-knowledge, which, I understand today, would lead to this January 11, 1985 (the essay “I” was finished on October 10, 1984).

There, paralyzed, with glassy eyes looking at the turned-off TV, in a fraction of a second, my sense of identity of a Brazilian teenager of the 1980s simply disappeared, like mist in the wind, while it was shown to me, two centuries in advance, what was going to happen in a very distant future. Totally overtaken by the vision, I grabbed pen and paper, and, in very brief lines, I wrote down on an A4 paper sheet (which I keep to this day), what I deduced from that experience, preoccupied to record that seminal event, finishing writing after having signed it at 9:25 p.m.

Two months later, I went back to school to carry on with my studies. I was on the 8th grade of Middle School at the time. Some more observant classmates asked me, “What happened to you? You have changed!” To which I used to answer, with no interest in opening myself, as I still do regarding that very intimate moment for my soul: “It’s just your impression…”. The teen who was fun and “the leader of the classroom”, gave way to a “serious old man” in a youngster’s body, which took so long “to leave me,” as it took me years to digest the weight of information and responsibility that had been passed on to me.

A part of what was shown to me has already begun to happen, and this now distant January 11, remains an extraordinary milestone for me. I don’t like very much to remember the content of that experience. It overwhelms me, and it almost completely takes from me the joy of living. Even when I tell friends about it (without revealing what was shown to me, of course), I approach the memory of what really happened in a way that is similar to the mechanism of psychological repression, in which entire memories are suppressed, in order to protect the sense of comfort and stability of the ego and its identity. And, in the face of what was revealed to me, I still feel like that same frightened teenager I was 20 years ago — although I am now infinitely more mature and lucid, in rational terms.

2005 “has arrived”. It seemed it would never come from the perspective of that boy who used to listen to “Material Girl” and “A Piece of Sky” (*) and loved Joseph Murphy’s books. Back then, I made a pact with a friend (I will protect her identity, but I hope this page gets to her). She was 22 years old and I was 14 (I only turned 15 at the end of the year). We used to talk for a long time, sometimes for successive hours, often accompanied by my sister Marilia. I asked her to look for me, to see if I had become who I, in a few words, (obviously I didn’t tell her everything: I never did), told her I would become (I got a few details wrong and she got others right). She answered me, confidently, “In twenty years, I will see you potbellied and holding a glass of beer, just like all normal men.”

I’m not exactly potbellied, but obese (though, in the last three months, I started to lose weight – please don’t laugh: 4kg). But as for the beer, and all the implications of its absence in my hand… well… that’s where she got it really wrong and I got it right… I mean: They were right, including the precise detail that I had to make clear to her, by declaring, solemnly and emphatically: “So-and-so really promise me, because I know we are going to go separate ways, but I also know that I will be a public figure, and, therefore, you will have to take the initiative to look for me, since you will be able to find me, whereas I will not be able to find you. Are you going to look for me?” She promised me she would. Frankly, I do not believe she will keep her promise… Am I being too pessimistic? Anyhow, shortly afterward, we did go our separate ways and, today, I am indeed a public figure. Where are you, old friend?

I know that the course of that revelation has dissipated itself, almost stealthily. But my intention was not that surreptitious nor was there any intention to conceal this wish to contour this revelation: it simply cannot be made public. However, here it is registered an encouragement for all of us to follow the voice of the heart, even if adapting it to the context of the reality that was given to us to live, and, especially, separating it from the gross burden of egoic passions and the whimsical dreams of neurotic adolescence, full of neediness and endless sorrows. You may not have a great mediumistic revelation record in your past, but you can recall today an inspiring humanitarian ideal that may be shelved in the dustiest chest of your psyche.

Today, I am 34 years old. A lot of water has passed under the bridge of my conscience. I can now say that I really am a mature soul or, at least, an adult one. If the Divine Providence allows me to, I know that I will be even better in ten, twenty years, or who knows (?): in thirty years. I dream of the day when I will answer anyone who asks about my age: “Sixty-five years old, at your service”. That is it (!), the age of “grown-up people”! And I have been saying that in public for ten years. Until then, we are, in relative measures, varying from person and circumstance, immature for incumbencies of higher responsibility.

I got “older”, psychologically, in a curious phenomenon of psychic engrafting, in a space of a few seconds, on that day when I was 14 years old. The “senex” archetype, as Jung would say, the “wise old man”, came to live, more expressively, in the routine of my mental life. Today, as an active medium at the service of teachers from the Higher Dimension of Life, I feel myself maturing five to ten years every year, due to the daily psychic interaction with the great-disembodied mentors, in particular with the lovely Eugênia-Aspásia. But I never think it is enough to become wiser and more experienced… because, before us, to the infinite… there are impressive Suns of knowledge and sentiment!… Obviously, that has nothing to do with the loss of joy or joviality, because, as I said, when I became serious in my adolescence, I was “immature” in that “maturity”, without paradox. True wisdom does not show off, it is not grumpy, nor it presents itself as pretentious. It is simple, almost childlike (in the connotation of spontaneous and pure), but mainly it is serene, lucid and creative.

Are you 20 and afraid to get to 30? Are you 30 and think that you are preparing to “shut down the factory”? Are you 40 and thinking of retirement? Are you 50 and getting yourself ready for death? Review your points of view! Thank God, today I am far beyond adolescence (!) — a period of life in which turbulent uncertainties and conflicts are mixed with very rare joys and few points of reference to go on with. And how anxiously I productively wait for my mature years! – really productively: I fully live my age, as my personality feels necessary. In them, I will be able to fully be myself, as my precarious level of evolution allows me to manifest myself. Then, my brain will already be properly sharpened to express with clarity and depth what I desire, the ideas that I have been working on for years (or centuries?). This will be the year 2035. If Our Lord authorizes me to be still incarnate, I will be, on October 26th, turning 65 years old, and based on today’s conceptual models, I will be entering the “old age”: the last and fullest age, in which we are no longer slaves of our instincts, and in which the spirit manifests itself more freely and consciously. Having a long and productive old age, offering wisdom, serenity, comprehensive and enlightening insights to young people, it is the best a human being can bequeath to humankind. At this age, love is less ego-centered, ideals are less full of self-interest, passions become serene and may well be more properly channeled for the good.

2035… 2045… 2055… There I will be – if I continue to enjoy the blessing of being incarnate – at 85 years old! Wow! One should be proud to say: “I am 85 years old, young man/woman!” That is: “To what extent are you able to measure yourself with the polished tool of a brain with 85 years of experience and a millennia-old spirit behind it, operating the wonderful biochemical machine of thought?” Meanwhile, some 45-year-olds want to look like 20. Poor little things! So much age-related childishness stuns their thoughts and, especially, their feelings! They may be beautiful and fit, but please: what an embarrassment! – Wanting to look younger? One must be a very “young” spirit (in the negative sense of it: of a very young spiritual age, a less experienced spirit in the evolutionary path) to wish something of the sort. The assurance, tranquility, clarity about what we are, what we want, where we are going, and about how and when to expect what and from who; a wider, deeper and more certain view about people, events and phenomena of Life!… These are some of the many benefits that age brings to those who have a minimum of discernment. Something as phenomenal as it is sweet, which, in the fullest sense of the word, is indescribable!

You want me to wish you a long life, but you forget that this perhaps means many years in middle and old age. And, quite frankly, I can tell it right now: this is the best part of the deal! And I long to be part of the lucky ones who enjoy a very long
and creative life of service and utility to the common good. Perhaps the Divine Providence deliberates to make me “return home soon,” and, from there, I will be envying those who are becoming old in the physical body. But if I am deserving of any merit, I would like to be around here, even if suffering from back pain or weak legs, but guiding younger ones and comforting more hearts, seizing, until the end, the time that has been offered to me, because only God knows when we will be able to enjoy a new opportunity in the school of the material plane of life, where everything is difficult for the achievements of the Spirit… where we are continually tested and challenged to show our better, nobler, more human and, consequently, happier side!…


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

(Text written at the dawn of November 9, 2004)

(*) the Americans singers Madonna and Barbra Streisand, respectively.





From the feminine perspective

As an organization in special status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), since 2018, the Instituto Salto Quântico (Sociedade Filantrópica Maria de Nazaré) has been invited once again1 to submit a written statement, in the preparatory preambles of CSW65 — The sixty-fifth session of the Commission on the Status of Women —, to be held in March 2021.

Therefore, the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia informed us that the Sublime Mother of our orb wanted to transmit the solemn document that will constitute our participation in the prestigious world congress.

Below is the English translation of the Message of Mary Christ — originally received in Brazilian Portuguese, according to the mediumistic interpretation of the illustrious spiritual counselor —, which will be forwarded to the reputable international organization this week.

“In women, feeling and intuition better unite with reason and action.

In girls, sweetness and tenderness already show, as care for their fellows, due to their maternal instincts, even if they never become, as adults, biological or adoptive mothers.

In the feminine approach to critical global problems, it is easier to find the urgent resolutive directives that humanity, in this time of apocalyptic contours, so desperately needs:

- respect for the ecosystems, in an organic view and in a participatory attitude with the planetary biosphere;

- cooperation between disparate peoples and cultures, in the search for solutions of mutual benefit and universal fraternity;

- harmonization between social segments and dignification of minority groups, within nations;

- consensus and integration in interpersonal relationships and among conflicting psychological aspects, within each creature…

In short, in all senses, from family squabbles to international disputes, such as the serious and urgent environmental, political, economic, social, psychological and spiritual emergencies of today, it will be under the inspiration of the feminine conceptual matrixes of welcoming, of acceptance and understanding of the differences, of empathy and of a more humanitarian purpose, that humankind will perceive the seemingly non-existent way out to the successful journey through the multifaceted and ultra-complex crisis of survival that the civilization and the human species now face, as they have never faced and may never face again another one so dangerous, profound and intricate… ”

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
and Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
October 9, 2020

1. See the written statement submitted by the Instituto Salto Quântico to the sixty-fourth session of the “Commission on the Status of Women” (CSW64): “The Message that Mary Christ asked to be sent to the UN Economic and Social Council: ‘Much more than women’s right to gender equality’”, Eugênia-Aspásia and Matheus-Anacleto (Spirits), Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium), November 2019.





Your freedom… angel or demon?

Free will without discernment constitutes a wide-open door to the loss of one’s own freedom.

Only with a spirit of judicious reflection, with a refined critical and self-critical sense, with a clear notion of ethical principles and humanitarian values, can human beings make more conscious choices, better fitting their own and the common good.

The passion to satisfy one’s own will resembles the bestial impulse, in the jungle, or the spoiled whim of a child, in the heart of a so-called advanced civilization.

Freedom, in its deepest sense, is inexorably intertwined with the focus of the matured responsibility, in the crucible of the criterion of improvement of individuals and collectivities, showing not only respect for traditions, in what they have of timeless content, but also a courageous openness to change, according to the evolutionary flows of divine origin.

Those who allow themselves to do or refrain from doing something, following the shallow currents of egoic and momentary interest, without any consideration for the feelings
and needs of others, believe they are benefiting themselves, but are only surrendering to the exact mental pattern that attunes them with the forces of disaggregation, which will throw them, now or later, in an unpredictable manner, into the precipice of unimaginable sufferings for themselves and for those who are in their sphere of personal influence.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
June, 11 2020