Rebuke on women (*1) (*2)

You ask me, my dear, what to do with men. And I tell you, very simply: let them be men.

Women like sensible men… like an effeminate…

Gallant, like a good jerk who approaches all women very well… saying everything they want to hear… paying lip service.

Careful with the children, like a [...]

How to deal with betrayal? (banner 2)

How to deal with betrayal? (banner 2)


No one deserves the tribute of your despair. To turn things around and to be happy, alone or with someone eles, is the best answer. However, do not be in a hurry to do this, so that you – consciously or unconsciously, moved by [...]

How to deal with betrayal? (banner 1)

How to deal with betrayal? (banner 1)

Allow yourself time for the psychological mourning of having suffered a disloyalty. But, in the meantime, focus your attention on those who wish you well and on the occupations that make you happy and relaxed, besides engaging in work, study and in the [...]

Men that mock ugly or fat women.

Men that mock ugly or fat women.



Men that mock ugly or fat women, in general, either have no sex appeal, or a small penis, or “short man sydrome”, or are closeted gays… besides showing, of course, a lack of maturity, feelings, education, and even character.

Spirit Roberto Daniel.Médium: Benjamin Teixeira de [...]

Almost no scum

Almost no Scum

There is much less female than male prison population. Heinous crimes are committed by men in significantly larger number. Almost all Genocial criminals in History were men. Nothing to add.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Roberto Daniel

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