The Glory of the Lone Dragonflies.


Benjamin Teixeira by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Beautiful lady without courtship, going through life, as an enchanted lily with no hummingbird to kiss you… You feel lonely, abandoned, anguished by the sensation of helplessness and rejection.

However, I ask you; do you really, wholeheartedly, want to get rid of loneliness? I mean, do you truly intend to stop living alone, under the conditions presented to you? Is it due to the lack of alternatives on your path, or because you have requirements of a higher standard, which protect you from eventual negative experiences?  If you really want to, you know you can have what you wish. But perhaps not the way you idealize it, and this is what makes you so resistant to openness.

Certainly, I do not intend to endorse your choice for isolation, which you also would hardly consider desirable or healthy. On the other hand, I suggest you the pragmatic initiative of extracting as many benefits as you can from this extraordinary situation, no matter how long it may last.

Invest in yourself. Do not waste time with vain sadness. Take some classes; develop unknown skills, crafts or functions. Make the dreams of your youth come true, which, most probably you would have no time and opportunity to accomplish if you were involved with someone. Ultimately, be fully yourself, advancing towards the completeness of your multidimensional being.

You will not need to be alone forever. It will always be your option to keep or not your temporary condition of loneliness. However, before seeking to complete yourself with someone, be entirely you. You do not need complements but company. When you embrace full stature of dignity before yourself, you will then attract the right partner, the one who lives up to your noblest needs and aspirations. While the essential fulfillment of feeling autonomous, self-sufficient and happy with yourself does not happen – no matter what thing, situation or person is by your side – you will always attract unsuitable partners, suffering uselessly and wasting great chances of learning and growth.

While you do not undertake this essential achievement: to feel autonomous, self-sufficient and happy with yourself, regardless of anything, any situation or person at your side, you will always attract unsuitable partners, suffering unnecessarily and wasting great opportunities of learning and growth.

Women have made great achievements along this century, acquiring rights entirely unimaginable before. Enjoy them, without seeking the illusory escape of the Cinderella Complex (*), waiting for someone – a male of the species – to rescue you from your ivory tower.

However, now that the weaker sex turns into the stronger one, adapting itself much more quickly to the changes of modernity than its opposite pair, it is up to the women to take greater responsibility than men for the changes that will lead to the New Era of peace in which Humanity is entering. This because those who are more prepared, mature and lucid carry the most responsibility. And, on Earth, undoubtedly, for now, most of the female contingent is more receptive to the ideals and paradigms of the new civilization that emerges than most of the male gender of the species.

It is in the hands of the Feminine – in all its variations – the responsibility for the salvation and transmutation of the human species, into something that will far transcend the limited expressions of egotism and materialism of our time. Therefore, more than a mere suggestion of political-partisan engagement or a manifest of feminist militancy, I propose that all consciences that today bear a woman’s body value their enviable condition.

Thus, if you are alone, do not whine like a viscous caterpillar that crawls on the hard and cold ground. Be, on the contrary, like the dragonfly, which flies at speeds over 35 mph, despite its fragile and delicate structure. Compared to the heavy drakes – soaked in the pond of patriarchy and its anachronistic standards of thought and behavior, which can barely take off, loaded with prejudices and values incompatible with the new times – the dragonflies, which absolutely do not seem to be able to beat their flying partners in size and weight, are indeed much more able to fly faster, further, higher…much higher…

We were imprisoned, for centuries of centuries, to the bondage of oppression. Now, it is time for revenge… the revenge of love. With the power of kindness, devotion, refined intuition and relational capacity that we developed so well, in millennia of forced submission, we will save the planet, watching over our sons, all of them, without distinction – our sons, which all men are (and not our enemies), in need of our help, affection, forgiveness…

No historic “revenge” would be better woven. They tried to shut us up; we will shout the cry of human liberation!…

They fought to suffocate us; we are now the air which renews the human species!…

They did everything to belittle us; we became Humanity’s greatest asset!

We were oppressed, in the course of uninterrupted millennia – sometimes, even with the intention to protect us -; now, it is time to remove the yoke of ignorance and fear, pride and murderous rage that the civilization of patriarchy has created, with all its system of wars, confrontations, ecological violence.

Our time has come, the time of Humanity has come, the time of love has come, the time of the mothers has come … at last, women’s turn, the time of the feminine has come!…


(Message received on April 11, 2000. Revised by Delano Mothé)


(*) Concept first described by Colette Dowling, North-American feminist thinker, in her classic work about it, homonymous.

(Medium’s note)

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