The Earth is Saved.

The Earth is Saved. Visit of the Spiritual Mother of Humanity – 13


The assembly was formed, the Greatest Mother was already offering us the Grace of Her Presence, Reflecting onto the world, the Maternal Face of the Creator.

Seizing the opportunity we were given to ask Her a question, one of our partners [...]

Connecting with happiness

Connecting with happiness

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugêna-Aspásia.

Do not fear: God is love. Everything happens for your own good, even if that is not clear now.It can only be for your good since God is [...]

Army of Light.

Army of Light.

Onward, army of Light, in service of Jesus Christ!…

We are all, in or out of the physical plane of existence, valiant warriors of the Celestial Truth, amidst earthly lies and illusions!

We are all One, as the Christ Verb of Truth prophesied, no matter whether [...]

Faith on solid grounds

Faith on solid ground


Derive your faith from love, and it will be unbreakable.

The reason, undoubtedly, should assist you in establishing the foundations of your spiritual convictions, otherwise, they will either turn into fanatical certainties or simply dilute as fairytales before the flash of science.

Love is an absolute and transcendent phenomenon. Mature [...]

Pain and happiness

Pain and happiness


Pain is basically opposite to pleasure, not to happiness. Being happy may include, in many moments, discomfort such as the disciplined effort to study, to work on the less satisfactory aspects of our professional occupations, on the process of interpersonal or intrapersonal conflicts.

Being happy starts with being in peace; [...]