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Love is an absolute and transcendent phenomenon. Mature parents intuit, for example, that they cannot restrict to the mere bioelectrochemical occurrences in the brain the enormity and depth of their feelings for their children, even though they acknowledge, when informed, [...]

Time of faith, without utopia or superstition

Time of faith, without utopia or superstition

If your life’s circumstance is not favorable, exercise being at peace! Not the peace of superstitious and fanatical accommodation — which does not exactly constitute peace, but rather negligence, inconsequence and lack of common sense.

Discipline yourself [...]

True Faith

True Faith

My so beloved daughters, My so beloved sons,

Self-knowledge is indispensable. We cannot castrate the processes of doubt, but we can elaborate them, so that faith is true.

More than the conviction that confuses or the belief that leads to disappointments, we need the [...]

Intelligent Faith.

Intelligent Faith.


Message from the HOLY MARY.

“Be careful not to reduce that which is Everything to nothing!”

Faith is the bridge that connects us to God.

Spiritual convictions, however, demand accurate and persistent study, long ponderation, daily prayer and meditation, weekly disciplines of collective worship and practice of systematic charity.

Absurd beliefs [...]

Faith on solid grounds

Faith on solid ground


Derive your faith from love, and it will be unbreakable.

The reason, undoubtedly, should assist you in establishing the foundations of your spiritual convictions; otherwise, they will either turn into fanatical certainties or simply dilute as fairytales before the flash of science.

Love is an absolute and transcendent phenomenon. Mature [...]