Divine Mercy and Goodness

Divine Mercy and Goodness

I would like to convey an idea, even if small, of the Infinite Mercy of God — began by saying the Maternal Majesty from Heaven to Earth. And, after a brief pause, She went on:

However, human language lacks the elements, for Us to do it in a [...]

The Infinite Goodness of God

The Infinite Goodness of God Visit of the Spiritual Mother of Humanity – 06

The sacrosanct Figure of Holy Mary was outlined, without making Itself fully clear, and, engulfing us in Her sacred spiritual graces, resonated Her Voice in our hearts, three times in a row, as mantra that echoed in our [...]

Goodness and Prayer.

Goodness and Prayer.


Isolated in my private chamber, I waited, in prayer, for the

Manifestation of Our Pious Mother.

At the time of the Angelus (as it has been usual lately, for the transmission of Her Messages), I was transported to another place and found myself gently positioned at the Feet of the One [...]

Lighting the Light to yourself

Lighting the Light to yourself


Message of the Holy Mary

“Today and always, the courage to serve continually…

The world swirled and maddened in the contradictions of the ego and of evil may fight against your effort to spread blessings that flow from High Above to you, for the resonance in your truly [...]

In the Experience of Error

In the experience of error

Resume your program of commitments with Life, with your brothers and sisters in humanity, with yourself and with God, wherever you see yourself straying from, neglecting or acting against the forces and flows of good.

Strengthen your conviction and enthusiasm, on the services you know you are providing as a [...]