Disappointments in the field of faith and the Spiritual Truth

The manifestations of the higher Planes of Conscience, in their best expression, are paradoxical:

1 – Because, by having evolutionary functions, they comprise a more complex conception for the perspective of those who receive them.

2 – Because they intend to keep the inviolability of the free will of the souls to whom they are [...]

The new, the classic and the Eternity

What is genuinely new is not what opposes the old but what is generated by the timeless. The creation of value is that which, instead of antagonizing, complements what predates it.

Authentic renovation and innovation do not deny the past. On the contrary, they are based on the valid achievements of what has already [...]

Giving orders to God, or placing ourselves under Divine Protection?

God helps us by all means, but especially by the voice of our own conscience, by our initiatives of action and resolution of problems, with the focus on practical, sensible, just, spiritual, Christian solutions.

There are no unique channels for Heavenly Help. Neither you nor anyone else can order the Supreme Being to help [...]