Disappointments in the field of faith and the Spiritual Truth

The manifestations of the higher Planes of Conscience, in their best expression, are paradoxical:

1 – Because, by having evolutionary functions, they comprise a more complex conception for the perspective of those who receive them.

2 – Because they intend to keep the inviolability of the free will of the souls to whom they are addressed.

3 – Because the learning earned from the interpretation made of them, even when mistaken, composes the experience and the stimulus to the expansion of the lucidity of the Spirits in the human level of evolution.

Attention, disciple of Light, when interpreting the Messages from Heaven or from the most elevated layers of your own psyche. They are never linear.

A synchronicity, a dream, an intuition, a mediumistic information may constitute an affirmation, a questioning, a denial or even a mere mirroring of your current state of conscience, with the purpose of taking you to the saturation of a determined level of understanding of life, inciting you, as a consequence, to seek new paradigms of filtering of your external reality, as well as of the experiences of your inner world.

The literal exegesis of texts, situations and people is common to childish, obtuse or cognitively impaired minds. If this is considered an elementary axiom in the scholar, professional or relational universe, how could it be less effective specially in the most advanced and intricate ambit of realization of the human being: the one of his/her transcendentality?

Your doubt of faith, your questioning in the field of the Spirituality must instigate you to observe, ponder, study and experiment more.

You do not deny the worthiness of science because you notice its natural contradictions in the clash among the research and the debates in the scientific community; and you do not diminish the importance of economy, when you discover mercenaries and disturbances of all orders, in this fundamental sector of the material domain of life…

Therefore, questioning the existence of God and of the Spirits that represent Him/Her, just because you have suffered some expectable disappointments, inherent to the human condition and to the process of progressive development of the knowledge and the perceptions of the creatures, reveals an escapist, immature and, in the last analysis, frivolous, irresponsible and unintelligent reaction.

Message of JESUS Christ
Intermediation of Temístocles (Spirit)
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
September 5, 2019.

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