Profound and urgent change in the treatment of the primordial ecological theme

Building back better from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) while advancing the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. (1)

Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), the notable English philosopher, once said that “hell is truth seen too late.”

Lamentably, there are renowned observers, authorities in various scientific disciplines who [...]

Visiting mama


Mama, I miss you so much!…

I miss the time when you did everything you could to save me from the world, even though I was included in the world… and thus you had to tell me things that displeased me so much… and that matured me and molded [...]

Your enormous tiny little mission from God

You were told, dear friend, that missions from God are “great” missions.

And you see yourself so small!… You never imagined and still cannot conceive the idea that any “grandiose” destiny has been reserved for you.

It is great that you feel and think this way!

It [...]

The Powers of the Good unite when evil besets us

Brothers and Sisters in Ideal:

The Powers of the good unite when evil besets us, with its expressions of tyranny, violence and destruction.

In the link from The Guardian, we share an emblematic example of this phenomenon that, because it is led by a woman leader, the president of the European Commission, encourages and [...]

Liberation anniversary of the sage-saint

Today is the 142nd anniversary of the liberation of our lovely Spiritual Guide Eugênia-Aspásia from her last organic vehicle, in the condition of the holy seer Bernadette Soubirous.

The two photos, edited in the image that illustrates this publication, were taken by my husband Wagner: one of them taken in [...]