Genuine Christian peace – Message from Mary Christ

Those who love care, but also educate. And those who educate are not always gentle in the way they act.

Therefore, do not trouble yourself when faced with the moral need to be stern for the sake of those within your scope of personal responsibility, [...]

Dead queen and Eternal Queen

Since childhood, I have nurtured a significant fondness for the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II. Over time, it turned into pity, given the weight of dire responsibilities the crown imposed on her.

I was surprised, although moved by compassion, by the commotion of crowds, on the occasion of the carnal demise of an almost century-old [...]

The paradox of mortality, in the context of immortality

Every day, your physical body suffers a little decline of its “charge of vitality” – so to speak, to simplify the complex biochemical processes that gradually lead a material organism to its consumption.

An analogous event takes place in the psychic field, although in an even more sinuous and intricate [...]

Profound and urgent change in the treatment of the primordial ecological theme

Building back better from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) while advancing the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. (1)

Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), the notable English philosopher, once said that “hell is truth seen too late.”

Lamentably, there are renowned observers, authorities in various scientific disciplines who [...]

Visiting mama


Mama, I miss you so much!…

I miss the time when you did everything you could to save me from the world, even though I was included in the world… and thus you had to tell me things that displeased me so much… and that matured me and molded [...]