Morning reflection – 5

Due to excessive scruples, many people do not do the good they can. In exchange for conventions of preservation of a fabricated image and of pre-assembled schemes, they renounce their originality and accept to live fake lives, with disposable souls, ready to be consumed or replaced, like leaves in the wind.

Creativity is not a [...]

Authentic discipline


Discipline has nothing to do with rigidity.

Flexibility is indispensable for adjusting principles to unpredictable contexts of reality.

Life, in its inextricable complexity, will never fit into preordained models of human expectations, necessarily illusory in some (often several) senses.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) Matheus-Anacleto (Spirit) Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, [...]

Attunement to forgiveness and to self-forgiveness


Exercise forgiveness and self-forgiveness, even in the moments when disciplinary or self-correcting energy is needed. Only in the attunement with fraternity, the deep and, therefore, lasting education of yourself and/or of others can happen and prosper.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) Gustavo Henrique (Spirit) Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA


New Year Message

In the prelude of the “new year”, let’s think that, to create a preamble of a new era in our lives, it is important to enable ourselves to reflect deeply, at each moment experienced. We easily become accustomed, when incarnated, to live automatically, to react mechanically, to answer with ready-made formulas, to try to solve [...]

Spiritual intimacy


For human life to be complete, familial and amical relationships, ties of intimacy, whether or not formed by biological kinship, need to be maintained, developed, deepened. In the circles of more intimate fraternity, there is an exercise of lived and felt universal good-fellowship, to which all human creatures are destined, toward angelhood!…

Benjamin [...]