“Mary Christ” and the Divine Maternity

In particular, I believe that the Signature “Mary Christ” refers to the Person of Mary of Nazareth, the historical Figure who was Mother of Our Lord Jesus. However, as there are no “scientific certainties” in the ultra-subjective and complex sphere of Spirituality, I focus my attention on a more important idea: this Being who has [...]

Or… or…

Those who do not freely and continuously aim for the good in their conduct, inevitably set misery in their destiny.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) and Gustavo Henrique (Spirit)



The crises that torment you are solvable – or the Divine Providence would not have authorized them in your existence. More than solvable, however, they are gifts from God, constituting the evolutionary driving forces of your soul, in all its aspects, from the most refined intellectual sphere to the subtlest sphere of feelings.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit) [...]

The infinite respect of God and of the Spirits for the human free will

The main reason that leads people to disbelieve in the existence of God and of the Spirits is probably one of the most surprising topics that exist, in the field of the search for Transcendence, since, paradoxically, it should cause more admiration for the Heavenly Goodness and Wisdom: the infinite respect for the free will [...]