I Am…

I am the Alpha and the Omega.

I am that which is to come, that which has been, that which is, that which always be.

For the Earth, there are no alternatives: I am the Way to God.

Outside of love, in all its expressions, there is no salvation, there is no peace, there [...]

Disappointments in the field of faith and the Spiritual Truth

The manifestations of the higher Planes of Conscience, in their best expression, are paradoxical:

1 – Because, by having evolutionary functions, they comprise a more complex conception for the perspective of those who receive them.

2 – Because they intend to keep the inviolability of the free will of the souls to whom they are [...]

The Three Great VOICES of Heaven

The Three Great VOICES of Heaven

Sunlight burst in the atmosphere of deep sadness…

Three VOICES, in perfect synchrony, boomed:

“We want Our Spokesperson to be exposed before the multitude…

We want everyone to know that he represents Us…


Women and the salvation of the Earth

Women and the salvation of the Earth



Why don’t women officiate mass?


Why are there so few female pastors?


Why are female spiritual leaders rare, even in India — a country less contaminated by patriarchal prejudice?


Why the strangeness and resistance in accepting My [...]