Christmas manger and human heart


The symbolism of the manger for the birth of JESUS is strong. The Christ Verb of the Divine Truth longs to be born, as a Level of Consciousness, in the very limitation of our human hearts, enclosed within a stable of moral and psycho-spiritual primitivism, just as the stable is a redoubt for [...]

The advanced moral of Jesus

Christmas is a sublime milestone for the exercise of authentic fraternity: in the loves that propel us to creatively live together, in the affections that demand distance so as not to degenerate into avoidable conflicts, in the disaffections to be treated with constructive civility, in the apprentices who ask us for attention and care — [...]

Christmas, in depth


The inner-Christ of every sincere Christian contorts in the pains of labor of the end of psycho-spiritual self-gestation – a cyclical and progressively deeper and more fruitful process, whose symbolic narrative is “re-enacted” mystically and psychologically in the annual Christmas rites throughout the Christian community.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia