Today, if still incarnated, he [Chico Xavier] would be turning 108.

He was more than a medium — he was a “direct” Voice representing the Christ JESUS ​​to Earth.

He was beyond the Spiritist doctrine – he lived the Christianity, in its full essence of universal love and integration, overcoming barriers of religions or [...]

Rebuke on women (*1) (*2)

You ask me, my dear, what to do with men. And I tell you, very simply: let them be men.

Women like sensible men… like an effeminate…

Gallant, like a good jerk who approaches all women very well… saying everything they want to hear… paying lip service.

Careful with the children, like a [...]

Invitation to the Supreme Mission


We were all gathered in an amphitheatre of the Higher Plane, for a long service of shared prayers, in favor of the dilution of the grave civilizational crisis that the planet goes through, when She manifested Herself, Full of Grace:

“Let’s change the course of events on Earth, by a profound modification of [...]

The wonderful surprises of God


Twenty-five years ago, by the intermediation of our emissary, who, in turn, channelled the message through her incarnate spokesperson, which was then published in a modest newspaper in the physical plane of existence, we affirmed:

“God, always, reserves, in the sleeves of destiny, wonderful surprises!…”

Having passed quarter of a century since this episode, [...]

Going through life in vain or with the right attention

Going through life in vain or with the right attention


Going through life in vain or with the right attention


Let’s not be moralists or conventional, even in the field of leisure, even because we should allow ourselves the controversial but unquestionably necessary, and notably salutary, “work with the psychological shadow”, advocated [...]