Intelligence and sexism

Prejudice, in its most refined and profound expression, is invisible. How many times have we heard praise from women, for their intellectual skills? Yet, how easy it is for men to be noticed in their attributes of intelligence and education, often not much developed…

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar and Spiritual Friends Bethel, CT, metropolitan region [...]

The grave danger of putting curses

When there is an ill wish toward others, whether from wounded pride or a desire for revenge, the energy and the mystical pattern of the “curse” turn against who invoked it and the less those who were de focus of such an unfairly issued punishment deserve it, the graver the consequences.

Benjamin Teixeira de [...]

Divine paradox

May each one of us keep our days in watchfulness and prayer, so that we may benefit more, by the most effective way that there is: assisting Heaven to be among us, in the curious and divine paradox (which reveals the deep respect of GOD for His-Her conscious creatures) of helping Those who help us [...]

Praying and Reflecting Aloud – 05/17/2018

Divine Vectors are evolutionary vectors. They point to the integration, to the inclusion, to the respect to sentiments and to the dignity of the different. As long as we do not invade the space of others, we have the right to be who we are. We must be who we are! Onward, caravan of courage! [...]

Spiritual protectors

All families, biological or not, have their spiritual protectors, who especially watch over the interests and needs of their evolutionary group. The habit of prayer and the exercise of fraternity, regardless of whether one follows a conventional religion or not, favor the attunement with these “guardian angels”, through the intuition, even without ostensive mediumistic communications.