“Conference by the spiritual leader Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar at the UN CSW65 — Empowerment of women and girls, from cultural matrices”


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Hatred for women and repudiation of femininity exist even among women. Many of them do not realize that, even if unconsciously, they devalue, underestimate, reject someone’s opinion, just because the person giving the opinion is a woman.

Commonly, this same idea, with the same ideological bias, [...]

About happiness

    Felicity is not facility. There are no shortcuts to be happy.   Happiness is not a goal. It is a thermometer for people to evaluate if they are on the right path, the one assigned by God in the heart of every creature.   Happiness does not necessarily have to do with [...]

“Mantras” to the Christic Trinity


The Maternal Face of God brings overflowing Wonders to our lives, especially to the lives of those deeply in tune with fraternal, loyal and devotional attitudes…

Jesus continuously conducts us, even if we do not see Him… Yet, we need to truly open ourselves to His Inspiration…

The Great Angel Gabriel protects us [...]

Origin of all evils

  All human dramas and tragedies have the same root: the lack of fraternal sentiment. That is what generates from the horror of the war and terrorism, passing by prejudice and violence against minorities or groups that are different among themselves, to the squabbles of the intimate life. Fraternity is an imperative to human [...]

At the time of crisis – Praying and Reflecting Aloud


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Spiritual Friends, help us to break the cultural hypnosis of anguish, of panic, of despair, so that humanity, goodness and solidarity can flourish in our hearts, and we can see, above the thick clouds that announce the storm, the resplendent Sun of everlasting Light, which invites [...]