Origin of all evils

  All human dramas and tragedies have the same root: the lack of fraternal sentiment. That is what generates from the horror of the war and terrorism, passing by prejudice and violence against minorities or groups that are different among themselves, to the squabbles of the intimate life. Fraternity is an imperative to human [...]

At the time of crisis – Praying and Reflecting Aloud


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Spiritual Friends, help us to break the cultural hypnosis of anguish, of panic, of despair, so that humanity, goodness and solidarity can flourish in our hearts, and we can see, above the thick clouds that announce the storm, the resplendent Sun of everlasting Light, which invites [...]

“Mary Christ” and the Divine Maternity

In particular, I believe that the Signature “Mary Christ” refers to the Person of Mary of Nazareth, the historical Figure who was Mother of Our Lord Jesus. However, as there are no “scientific certainties” in the ultra-subjective and complex sphere of Spirituality, I focus my attention on a more important idea: this Being who has [...]

Intelligence and sexism

Prejudice, in its most refined and profound expression, is invisible. How many times have we heard praise from women, for their intellectual skills? Yet, how easy it is for men to be noticed in their attributes of intelligence and education, often not much developed…

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar and Spiritual Friends Bethel, CT, metropolitan region [...]

The grave danger of putting curses

When there is an ill wish toward others, whether from wounded pride or a desire for revenge, the energy and the mystical pattern of the “curse” turn against who invoked it and the less those who were de focus of such an unfairly issued punishment deserve it, the graver the consequences.

Benjamin Teixeira de [...]