Passivity is irresponsibility.

We may even omit from acting extemporaneously or erroneously, which implies that we are aware of our attitude. However, we never should give in (to anyone) the power to decide what is more right to do, to think or to feel — because, even for us to wisely interpret the Messages of Heaven, such as [...]

The curious case of a Friendly Spirit


It was 4:45 am this Monday (Brasilia time), when I was awoken, after 4 hours and 15 minutes of sleep, with an unusual image.


Good-humored and satirical, a Spiritual Friend (who preferred to stay anonymous) introduced me, on a white canvas, the bizarre image of an owl that had, before it, a [...]

Self-condemnation and active faith

Self-condemnation will never constitute an attunement with the good. Let’s live, earnestly, the spirit of hope and faith in the Infinite Goodness of God, with due focus on personal responsibility of action and of being proactive for our own benefit and for the benefit of our loved ones, as well as of our brothers and [...]


Today, if still incarnated, he [Chico Xavier] would be turning 108.

He was more than a medium — he was a “direct” Voice representing the Christ JESUS ​​to Earth.

He was beyond the Spiritist doctrine – he lived the Christianity, in its full essence of universal love and integration, overcoming barriers of religions or [...]

Going through life in vain or with the right attention

Going through life in vain or with the right attention


Going through life in vain or with the right attention


Let’s not be moralists or conventional, even in the field of leisure, even because we should allow ourselves the controversial but unquestionably necessary, and notably salutary, “work with the psychological shadow”, advocated [...]