Today, if still incarnated, he [Chico Xavier] would be turning 108.

He was more than a medium — he was a “direct” Voice representing the Christ JESUS ​​to Earth.

He was beyond the Spiritist doctrine – he lived the Christianity, in its full essence of universal love and integration, overcoming barriers of religions or sectarian opinions.

Chico did not follow only selected passages from the Life of JESUS, as seen in the book “The Gospel According to Spiritism” – he was guided by the complete Thought of the Christ Verb of Truth, registered in the four classical Gospels, those which were written more closely to the time these narrated Christic events occurred, with authorship credited to the evangelists Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. The proof of this is that, in several of his mediumistic works, he received elucidating commentaries on these luminous passages, especially from his Spiritual Guide Emmanuel, as seen in the four books of the “Living Spring” Collection.

He embodied, in himself, much more than the mere human condition, as we understand it on earth — he configured a glorious and luminous manifestation of a Spirit serving in the matter, without being affected by it, in his noblest mission of love and enlightenment of millions of hearts, inside and outside the physical realm of existence, inside and outside the borders of countries!…

Hail to the candid and noble soul of Francisco Cândido Xavier, the so much loved and revered, all over Brazil, Chico Xavier!…


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar and Spiritual Friends

April 2, 2018



Transcendence 2


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