Morning Reflection – 21.

Benjamin Teixeira by the spirit Temístocles.

Not always what is official is true, as not always what is legal is moral. In the same way, not all apparent moral agrees with the true principles of spirituality. To realize the correctness of this affirmation you [...]

Morning Reflection – 10.

If you feel some vague, sneaky, but constant impression, draining your self-esteem and whispering that you are unfit, incompetent, unworthy, do not worry: be welcome to mankind on Earth. The consumerist-competitive-materialistic culture suggests that only the most beautiful, intelligent, heroic and accomplished have the right to be esteemed and respected. Do not believe [...]

Morning Reflection – 9.

Benjamin Teixeira by the spirit Temístocles.

You feel compelled, by the culture of mass production, to push yourself further, constantly. Pressing the mind, however, does not make it produce more – it might, quite the opposite, lock its delicate mechanism. And if, moreover, you begin to understand the need to [...]

Morning Reflection – 8.

Benjamin Teixeira by the spirit Temistocles.

Break the vicious circle of your uneasiness. Observe, free of preconceived ideas, what is missing in your life, in order to feel better, what is missing to do, right now, to breath happier. And please, no idle excuses.

Do not accept living of leftovers. You are [...]

Morning Reflection – 7.

Benjamin Teixeira by the spirit Temistocles.

Whenever you go off the tracks, recant. Do not feel hurt for having slipped. You have the right to fail, and the duty to forgive yourself. If you have slipped, immediately recover the trail of your guidelines. Do not assume you are unable to follow [...]