Morning Reflection – 6

Benjamin Teixeira by the spirit Temistocles.

Complex is wishing to be happy and not being able to, or worse: not wanting to. Your neuroses are nothing more than needless pains. Cut them off your life: they are not part of you; they are delusional necessities and they lie pretending to be elements of [...]

Morning Reflection – 5.

By excess of scruples, many people fail to do what they can. To respect to some conventions, to preserve an established image and some pre-built schemes, many people renounce their originality and accept lives of paper, with souls of plastic, ready to be consumed or replaced, like leaves in the wind.

Creativity is not a [...]

Morning Reflection – 4.

Take a ride with destiny towards happiness. What seems despairing is, indeed, a great opportunity of service. Do some inner cleaning, rid yourself of useless baggage, and stop waiting for great things in your life. If you know to simplify, you will be happier. If you know to forget, you will be more at peace. [...]

Morning Reflection – 3.

Morning Reflection – 3.

Fear 3:

The less you have God in your life, the more you have fear present in your life .

Fill in the empty spaces of your heart with the fullness of God and fear won’t have space in the dwelling of your soul. The spiritual experience is a human psychological [...]

Morning Reflection – 1.

Morning Reflection – 1.



1. Fear is the gateway for all sorts of imbalance.

2. Instead of surrendering to its insinuations, be practical, and see whether something can be done in order to curb its motives; do it immediately, and then calm down.

3. Even if you got to the rock bottom, terrifying [...]