Spiritual guide of humankind

Spiritual guide of humankind

The “anima”, the feminine in the human soul, is the archetype that leads to the psychological integration, the inspirer of the individuation process, in men as in women. The Feminine is the Spiritual Guide of Humankind.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Dr. Demétrius

Part [...]

Assembly I

Benjamin de Aguiar by Diverse Spirits

Every day is an opportunity to transcend oneself, not for a spectacular leap towards enlightenment but in little daily victories: a little gesture of kindness with a stranger that you’re not used to; smiling a little more than usual; more patience and tolerance with [...]

Morning Reflection – 10.

If you feel some vague, sneaky, but constant impression, draining your self-esteem and whispering that you are unfit, incompetent, unworthy, do not worry: be welcome to mankind on Earth. The consumerist-competitive-materialistic culture suggests that only the most beautiful, intelligent, heroic and accomplished have the right to be esteemed and respected. Do not believe [...]