Morning Reflection – 21.

Benjamin Teixeira
by the spirit


Not always what is official is true, as not always what is legal is moral. In the same way, not all apparent moral agrees with the true principles of spirituality. To realize the correctness of this affirmation you just have to take a quick look at the history of Religions and the awful abuses they committed against their followers.

Whenever making a judgment, be open, so that you are not deceived by fleeting sophisms. What makes you feel bad cannot be from God, as well as what makes you feel good, what makes you better, more worthy, human, productive and happy cannot come from evil forces.

Every human being, even the most brilliant and well-informed, can be deceived by the presumptions of truth of his time.  The same principle is valid even when we consider a revolutionary. The revolutionary will be deceived, likewise, only this time by the utopias of the next generation.

Presume you are always wrong and you will have more chances of making fewer mistakes. It is not a matter of humbleness, but of awareness. Unless someone is stupid enough to think of himself as master of the entire Cosmos’s wisdom, he shall come to the conclusion that he is making mistakes, much more than he can realize. No matter how hard you try, the truth is that you will never be able to realize all the extension of your errors. The detected errors are already in the process of being overcome, exactly for being caught by the conscience, even if the emends take centuries. Most of the times, however, mistakes aren’t even noticed, or we perceive as error what really isn’t one.

Be human – that is your biggest trump. Not to give in to degradation, but to surrender to spontaneity, to modesty and to indulgence; certain that no one, really no one, has the right to feel better than anyone. Be human so you can give to yourself the right to grow infinitely and, in a distant future, really, transcend your humanity and dive in angelicalness.

(Message received on April 14, 2001)

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