Viable Solutions

Readjust your expectations. Try to feel what bothers you, what is missing or needs to be modified. Then, take practical and immediate actions, persisting in their application. It is not necessary to revolutionize the structure of your existence in order to foster your own well-being.

Sometimes, some originality in addressing problems is sufficient. Lightness [...]

Neuroses and lucidity

Benjamin Teixeira by the Spirit Temístocles

Neuroses – or disorders, according to the modern vernacular of psychology on the physical plane — make up complex systems of maintenance and regulation of the psychism, according to the individual’s own needs, very often of a compensatory nature. For instance: people who [...]

Fairy tales and happy life projects

    Let us run away from fairy tales, from the tragic fate of imprisoning ourselves to an existential context and/or line of destiny in which dreams of love often turn into nightmares of horror.   Instead of escapist fantasies, let us seek plausible projects (for they are based on the reality of our [...]

Not taking it seriously

Not taking yourself seriously is diametrically the opposite of not taking things seriously. The first attitude is a virtue that reveals a good standard of lucidity and humility for the evolutionary levels of the Earth.   The second, in turn, indicates traces of mockery, superficiality, irresponsibility, unconsciousness and cynicism.     Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar [...]

To be happy in love

  It is much easier to be happy with loves devoid of romantic or sexual involvement, such as friends and family.   The pursuit of erotic-marital utopias uselessly consumes whole existences, preventing people from seeing their great affections, very close to them, almost always with ties of entirely fraternal or spiritual character.   Even [...]