Faith and Maturity

“To hold the conviction of the Existence and Assistance of the Supreme Being is a fundamental achievement of spirituality. However, this degree of intuitional, moral, and even simply psychological maturity of an individual, will be highly deficient if there is no solid and applied sense of personal responsibility to work, study, pray and [...]

Comfort from Jesus

Comfort from Jesus

Then the Lord, seeing us downcast, due to the innumerous sins that we find in the intimacy of our hearts, smiled widely and, in the eternal language of the Spirit (in its sovereign and transforming vibrations), although externally articulating in Aramaic, bringing us to tears, said:

“God is Our [...]

Ridiculous and Excellence

Exhausted, after channeling the Spiritual Guide Eugênia-Aspasia, in the lecture last night, Tuesday, June 3, I had a frugal meal by having fruits and lay down to rest, waking up in a little over than an hour, at dawn, and taking the first electronic device I could find, in order to record the [...]

Peace – laborious and complex accomplishment

Message of the Holy Mary

“Peace is a laborious and complex accomplishment of the sacred impulses of fraternity.

In principle, it cannot deny the existence of conflicts, of all sorts, in the interpersonal and international relationships. Honouring the reality of the dramas of human interaction, it must seek, with [...]

Simplifying the Essential

Simplifying the Essential

“Simplify the essential, to decrease the likelihood of deceiving yourself and to avoid suffering the inevitable consequence of the emptiness and its implications in addiction, unhappiness and misery.

Having clearly detected what, for you, is morally nonnegotiable and unquestionable, set it as a goal, rigorously disciplining yourself [...]