Ridiculous and Excellence

Exhausted, after channeling the Spiritual Guide Eugênia-Aspasia, in the lecture last night, Tuesday, June 3, I had a frugal meal by having fruits and lay down to rest, waking up in a little over than an hour, at dawn, and taking the first electronic device I could find, in order to record the following message of a spiritual enlightening who wished to remain anonymous


Are you conservative, as the changing of the guard at the Buckingham Palace gates?

Or, in the opposite way, are you progressive as the bizarre predictions of the futurists in the past?

The extremes show us how both trends expose us to the curiosity of some and the laughing lament of others, making us slip between the pathetic and the rude.

The best think to do is to seek, based on what our abilities  allow, the synthesis and the balance between the persistence of perennial principles and the necessary change that the evolution requires.

Thus, taken into account the proper proportions of each person conditions and circumstances, we can approach to the rare feat achieved in the classic music or philosophy, by caring about, in our choices and attitudes, by the elegance and common sense, which keep us far from the ridicule and promote the excellence.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar.

Madrugada de 4 de junho de 2014

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