Peace – laborious and complex accomplishment

Message of the Holy Mary

“Peace is a laborious and complex accomplishment of the sacred impulses of fraternity.

In principle, it cannot deny the existence of conflicts, of all sorts, in the interpersonal and international relationships. Honouring the reality of the dramas of human interaction, it must seek, with zeal and discipline, to transcend the differences and multiple interests in the relationships between individuals and communities.

It takes place, then, the luminous discovery that must be converted in behavioural philosophy and unquestionable political directive: that human dignity and the principles of urbanity and universal fraternity take priority over all agendas and ethnic, egotist, religious, political, economic and cultural animosities that do not touch the essential matters of the existence, survival and development of humankind on the planet.”


as reproduced by the Spirit Eugênia- Aspásia.

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar.


(Message received on May 3, 2014.)

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