Sides and fact

There are no sides but only a unity in the common good.

In the final analysis and under any circumstances, always keep this focus, seeking it judiciously when this fundamental parameter is not clear to your perception.

Because, my friend, if you deviate from this primordial axis of discernment [...]

Falling into the spider’s web 

There is no room for neutrality when we approach serious matters that touch on life, liberty, and the fundamental principles of justice and respect for human dignity.

Such principle extends, ineluctably, to the defense of minority and/or discriminated people or groups, be they victims of any kind of prejudice or depreciation, [...]

Are you against God? 

Those who are prejudiced, those who persecute minorities or do not even work in favor of evolutionary movements in the culture and in the society, are putting themselves against GOD! That simple!

And, if someone dares to use the Name of the Creator against what is of [...]

How to cope with the tragic death of a child at a young age?

Be thankful to God for the blessing of allowing you to have your child for a few years. Our presence in each other’s lives is not a guarantee or a constituted right, but a gift. Not realizing this reveals a significant part of our selfish and materialistic illusions, disguised as love and [...]

The diabolical sweetness of false Christians – and the Sword of the Cross of Our Master and Lord JESUS

JESUS ​​was sacrificed on a symbolic sword, which wounded the Earth, soaking it in His blood – a strong and profound metaphor of how much His Presence would fertilize, in an extremely assertive, conflicting and powerful way, the history of the earthly humanity.

As He Himself asserted: “I did not come [...]