From the feminine perspective

As an organization in special status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), since 2018, the Instituto Salto Quântico (Sociedade Filantrópica Maria de Nazaré) has been invited once again1 to submit a written statement, in the preparatory preambles of CSW65 — The sixty-fifth session of the Commission on the Status of Women —, to [...]

Your freedom… angel or demon?


Your freedom… angel or demon?

Free will without discernment constitutes a wide-open door to the loss of one’s own freedom.

Only with a spirit of judicious reflection, with a refined critical and self-critical sense, with a clear notion of ethical principles and humanitarian values, can human beings make more conscious choices, better fitting [...]

The Message that Mary Christ asked to be sent to the UN Economic and Social Council

Much more than a women’s right to gender equality

For successive centuries, it was believed, as an unquestionable axiom, that women could not take positions considered to be of greater responsibility, because they would be inept to play roles that were regarded as exclusively meant for the modus operandi of men, for the [...]


Visit of the Spiritual Mother of Humanity

And the Saint of saints appeared to us, shining as a silent explosion of multicolored light, accenting the white color. Ineffable choirs of angels announced Her arrival. And, were it because for the heavenly melody or the unspeakable ecstasy that the Sublime Visit always causes, we found ourselves [...]

Rupture of the ego, for the rapture of the Spirit

Beloved children:

May each sincere devotee promote the rupture of the walls of his/her own ego, in order to favor the rapture of his/her Spirit to the Kingdom of Heavens, within his/herself.

For this, it is essential to safely detect the voice of the conscience, which does not abide by standards of castrating moralism, [...]