Someday… Nowadays…

Someday, we all will live in a Mystical Union: the Communion of the Spirits dedicated to the Good – Good meaning God, the Absolute Good, and in the sense of the common good.

Jesus prayed, prophesied and simultaneously exhorted the humanity as a whole to pursue this master goal when, from the top of [...]

The mythological phoenix and you

Be reborn, every day.

Do not waste time with mere speculations about the future.

From so many points of view, what has not yet come to be is so unpredictable that paying attention to it is a sign of infantility and stupidity, or constitutes, more precisely, a complete absurdity.

Today is the day. Now [...]

I Am there with you

When you stretch your arms into the emptiness around you, presuming you are alone, crying and suffering apparently in vain, helpless and almost desperate… I Am there with you, even if you do not realize it.


I Am the Living Reflector of the Divine Maternity for Earth…

I Am the Representative of the [...]

The axis and the end of everything 

Love is the essential focus of the soul, the floor of morality, the apex of Spirituality, the worlds’ reason of being, the life purpose of the creatures…

Love is in the goodness to friends, in the kindness to strangers, in the dedication to loved ones, in the devotion to God!…

The paradox of mortality, in the context of immortality

Your physical body suffers, a little every day, the decline of the “vitality charge” – so to speak, to simplify the complex biochemical processes that gradually lead a material organism to its consumption.

An analogous event takes place in the psychic field, although in an even more winding and intricate way. Personality characteristics, character [...]