Christs Mary and Jesus send, through Their Emissaries, a public document about the current global crisis generated by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

This passage of the Gospels, paraphrased here, must echo in the hearts of all, in this time of planetary crisis…

“Look at the lilies of the field, which do not weave or spin, or the birds in the sky, which do not sow or reap, and God Father-Mother dresses and feeds them respectively.”

O, men [...]

The Spirituality and Our Lady speak about the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and crises in the world economy

As national economies recede, the outbreak of the new strain of the coronavirus continues, drawing people’s attention to a forgotten and elementary aspect of the human condition: mortality.

This is a time of resurrection of the soul – of recognizing the importance that the Spirit deserves to have, which it always had, always has, [...]

Perennial and universal need

Reinforce your prayers and develop a more self-aware attitude – watchfulness, in Christic language –, with less rationalizations and ego defenses.

Otherwise, there can neither be authentic self-knowledge, nor the overcoming of problems and existential crises.

Conversely, the pains are thus aggravated rather than remedied, and the illusions perpetuate themselves, torturing the soul, the heart, [...]

The Angel-Mother speaks about Her Authorship and about immediatism

Recently, when I found myself focused on meditation, retreated to my accommodations, Our Greater Mother appeared to me and, as in an spiritual whisper, by the language of the thought, asked me, sweetly and majestically at the same time:


“Tell, my daughter, the pupils of our Soul, a message that will clarify the topic [...]

Who I Am

Beloved children:

Do not get lost in vain discussions or doubts.

Whether I am the historical Mary of Nazareth or not is secondary.

What really matters is that the Message transmitted have the Seal of the Power of God, Whom those of My Domain and I represent to the earthly recipients. Only He-She could decide [...]