Omnipotence and Omnibenevolence

God can do everything and does everything for His-Her creatures, as long as it does not interfere in their space to develop the intelligence and expand the feelings, which implies, for the human condition, the inviolability of the field of consciousness and the consequent freedom of thought and action.

On [...]

Luminous hope in tenebrous days 

I am very glad that millions of hearts all over the world have realized that there are unappealable contours of urgency in the multifaceted planetary crisis that this human civilization is facing.

It is regrettable, however, that, only at the cost of increasing and more frequent climatic and pandemic tragedies, [...]

Crucial problem… capital solution

The image of a woman who represented the Divinity and the Christic Spirituality was dramatically necessary for the collective unconscious of this planetary community. I was chosen to play this role.

This determination came from Jesus himself: that I should be put in evidence before humankind, with the intent to catalyze the evolutionary process [...]

When despair, anguish, depression and destruction seem to win…

Powerful waves of despair attack multitudes from all flanks.

Be aware, dear child. Geniuses of the darkness from the spiritual dimension have been engaging in elaborate strategies to defeat the good on the Earth’s surface, in all departments of societies, in every single individual or collective initiative.

There is Divine authorization for this terrible [...]

Someday… Nowadays…

Someday, we all will live in a Mystical Union: the Communion of the Spirits dedicated to the Good – Good meaning God, the Absolute Good, and in the sense of the common good.

Jesus prayed, prophesied and simultaneously exhorted the humanity as a whole to pursue this master goal when, from the top of [...]