Roadmap and not label

The symbol of the cross, as an insignia of Christianity, is not a label of moral qualification – it is a roadmap of fraternal activities and of spiritual commitments to self-education.

Jesus stated to have come to save the sick and sinful souls. 1 To be Christian, in its deepest expression, therefore, according to [...]

Pustules from the past… lights in the future

When the pain of nostalgia and the melancholy of loss constrain your sensitive soul, remember the experiences of the past, in which the rupture or the ending, respectively, of a relational bond or of a circumstance that seemed beneficial, without actually being so, brought you wonderful results, in the form of experience, psychological maturity and [...]

Miraculous habit

Establish the habit, starting with your everyday tasks, of giving priority to what is most important, beginning, obviously, with what is of foremost importance – that which concerns the uppermost domain of Spirituality and Divinity.

If you create and consolidate, within yourself, this mental and behavioral pattern, there will come to you, inexorably, in [...]

Your invaluable and unique personal value

To be anyone is not to be no one; it is to be someone.

Every human being carries, in themselves, dignity and value, intrinsically and indelibly.

Beware of the dangerous illusions and hypnoses of the physical world and of the culture of today’s Earth, which link the worth of an individual to a social, [...]

Maternal oasis of the Earth

Jesus, from the top of the cross, bequeathed this humanity, represented on the person of John the Evangelist, to my maternal condition.1

I am not the only maternal spiritual figure to whom one can appeal. There is, as we have asserted before, a Community of benevolent mothers (and fathers alike) who watch over the destinies [...]