Intelligent lies and saving truths

In this world of crass and often criminal untruths, it is a tragic and diabolical irony that

half-truths and, especially, intelligent lies are more credible than the “raw and naked” truth.

Beware of the illusion sellers, of the “temple merchants”1 of society and culture, over whom, to this today, the Christ Word of TRUTH cracks [...]

Ideal and excellence

Most likely, you will not be able to fulfill or be the model you have designed for yourself. However, you can, in accordance with how much you invest in lucidity, self-knowledge, culture and discipline, perform externally and become internally the best within your reach.

It is your standard of excellence that you should pursue, not [...]

Self-condemnation and active faith

Self-condemnation will never constitute an attunement with the good. Let’s live, earnestly, the spirit of hope and faith in the Infinite Goodness of God, with due focus on personal responsibility of action and of being proactive for our own benefit and for the benefit of our loved ones, as well as of our brothers and [...]

“Vanity”? Or would it be hypocrisy of those who think this way?

Let us beware of the false humility and the hypocritical moralism that sadly prevail in the world, especially in religious circles.

Chico Xavier used, by guidance of his Spiritual Guide Emmanuel, all the media that existed at the time, to publicize his work, including appearing in several TV programs, in national networks, and traveling frequently [...]