Intelligent lies and saving truths

In this world of crass and often criminal untruths, it is a tragic and diabolical irony that

half-truths and, especially, intelligent lies are more credible than the “raw and naked” truth.

Beware of the illusion sellers, of the “temple merchants”1 of society and culture, over whom, to this today, the Christ Word of TRUTH cracks the “whip” of the unappealable karma, with increased severity the longer it takes for the effects to emerge, before their hardened hearts and defective characters, in need of acute and prolonged pain in order to improve themselves…

Psychopaths of day-to-day life, who simulate virtues and condemn honest people who present themselves as they really are… Hypocrites, in prominent social positions, manipulators of their own public image, who exhibit themselves as superior, in view of the market of their petty interests… Castrators of the freedom, of the identity and of the originality of others, who call themselves representatives of God… Scientists who proclaim the religion of materialistic-atheistic despair, instead of dogmatic conventional religions, which, albeit limited, at least ease the spiritual hunger of the crowds… All of them induce anguish, dread and discontentment with life in decent and sensitive souls who, from the cradle, fall into the webs of intrigue or in the webs of open evilness… Remember the luminous maxim of JESUS: “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free! …”2  The Same Christ, who used to live with sex workers and traitors to the homeland, also said: “Prostitutes and tax collectors will enter the kingdom of God before you”3 – the disciples with whom He was speaking to! …
Finally, understand the principle that He [Jesus] also postulated, as filter for entering the Realms of Consciousness of the Good and of the Wisdom, which, paradoxically for the traditional moralism, but logically for a perspective of depth psychology, finds itself applied much more among confessed sinners than among individuals who consider themselves virtuous: “If you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, become like little children…”4

Because little children, before cultural intoxication starting to cause damage to their psyche, and before their own spirit revealing their evolutionary level, not only do not lie, as they also fully live the personal truth of their authentic identity, in all its facets, giving themselves up to love, to forgiveness and to joy, with purity and wholeness, always… as the Angels of God do, in the evolutionary obverse of the childlike condition of naivety: in fullness of lucidity, courage and – once again the word-concept — TRUTH!…


Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Psychography received by Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

June 10, 2018.

1. John, 2:13-16.

2. John, 8:32.

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Intelligent lies and saving truths

Intelligent lies and saving truths

Intelligent lies and saving truths

Intelligent lies and saving truths

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