Compliments and Compliments.


Flattery, by itself, is empty of meaning and rotten in its moral implications. Complimenting, without sincerity and with the intention to obtain benefits or bend someone’s character is adulation. And blandishment is an act of dishonesty such as theft or any fraud.

On the other hand, [...]



Sometimes the renovation of a certain building demands a demolition, due to its extension. Building often implies destroying. A deep psychological reconstruction hardly happens without devastating existential crises, which destroy the ground of previous mistakes or anachronistic truths.




The enemies of Heaven want you to paralyse your efforts in good. Shout out louder the Voice of your Soul, when the deafening splutter from outside, or the roughhouse of internal voices try to ruin your ideals and halt your good initiatives. Act within good, always, either by habit or principle, rather than by [...]




Why can unproductiveness happen (in external-operational terms) in more creative periods? Visualize a computer that was given a “heavy” task to process: it slows down until the task is completed, very little available for other functions. And a pregnant woman? Depending on the stage of pregnancy, the mobility, physical disposition and even moods can [...]

One Certainty.


Your body is a machine that wears off little by little. Your device of manifestation in the material world will die, and you won’t. For how long do you think you will keep connected to this vehicle of flesh? Are you fulfilling the purpose that brought you to the physical domain of [...]