How Not to Apply?


Currently, more than a thousand scientific publications attest to the healing power of praying and/or meditating. The luminaires-aces, angular stones of civilizations, such as Jesus, Buddha or Moses, advocate, with emphasis, the fixation of the habit of prayer-meditation, as a basis to the fulfillment of the human being, in his/hers highest strata [...]

Trials and Solution.


The trials of life carry this meaning: of making us grow enough to preserve the serenity, the lucidity and the responsible and practical mobilization to solve matters, in any circumstance. However, conversely the free will of human beings, remains, above all, God’s Will, that rules and disposes of things and events, considering [...]



Turn every experience you live into a constructive one. Even if a situation seems to you completely useless or destructive, rethink carefully. Everything that happens is allowed by God so that everyone involved learns. It is up to each one to interpret in a practical and positive way what happens, and, specially, make resolutive [...]

Fantastic Realism.


There was a way, until recently, to qualify a certain genre of literature that, although fanciful, exceled in developing ballasts of reasonableness, with hints of pseudoscience. This style migrated, at least partially, for what is now called “science fiction.”

Many have their bases of faith on similar cognitive foundations. Psychologically walking on quicksand, often [...]

Delay in The Realizations.


You are doing your best, for long years, and the fruits of good are taking too long? Rethink methods, study new ways and even question the purposes. However, don’t lose sight that any initiative for common Good belongs to God, so that it is nor licit neither intelligent to argue much about [...]