Why can unproductiveness happen (in external-operational terms) in more creative periods?
Visualize a computer that was given a “heavy” task to process: it slows down until the task is completed, very little available for other functions.
And a pregnant woman? Depending on the stage of pregnancy, the mobility, physical disposition and even moods can be severely compromised.
And what happens to someone who coerces himself/herself into keeping an outer rhythm and performance, in a phase of psychological and spiritual incubation? The same that occurs to a woman who aborts, for demanding more from herself than her condition allows her, or to a computer that crashes and needs to be restarted, losing all the work done till then, because other activities were required from it simultaneously.
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
by the Spirit Temistocles.
Message received on 12/13/2012.

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