How to Be Happy?


Have and practice a faith in God; follow your professional vocation; invest love in family, friends and marriage; and seek a purpose to live for the sake of the common good.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Anacleto. Message received on 01/22/2013.




As the alien immigrant who speaks fluently the language of the new country of residence and believes not to have an accent (or almost), due to not realizing it in himself, and often receiving compliments from the native speakers (the accent is on adults a neurophysiological-linguistic condition inevitable for non-native speakers, and [...]



Don’t fear the future.

Trust the Infinite Goodness of God.

Precaution, planning and responsibility with yourself and others to whom you are committed with are normal obligations of the adult human being, mentally healthy and of sound character.

Reason and sense of duty, however, are not enough to ensure safety, in a universe of [...]