Divine Mercy and Goodness

Divine Mercy and Goodness

I would like to convey an idea, even if small, of the Infinite Mercy of God — began by saying the Maternal Majesty from Heaven to Earth. And, after a brief pause, She went on:

However, human language lacks the elements, for Us to do it in a [...]

Praise to the Infinite Mercy of God

Praise to the Infinite Mercy of God


The night was sprinkled with stars, the sky fully visible, cloudless.

Close to midnight, Cibele and I, united in a prayer — this time, accompanied by a few more ladies from our realm of existence —, we noticed the Sacred Figure of Our Greater MOTHER forming. [...]

Mercy with spirit of responsability.




Mercy towards oneself always, but without excessive self-complacency, permissiveness or carelessness, which imply connivance with malevolent or criminal inclinations and point out the departure from discipline and from persistent effort of working, studying, self-improvement, and the spirit of responsibility, natural attributes of every worthy and conscious adult person.

HOLY MARY. Intermediated [...]

Mercy towards oneself.


. Mercy towards oneself, compassion with our own less flattering inclinations, so there can be legitimate tolerance for the weaknesses of others. HOLY MARY. Intermediated by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia. Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar. Read in full at: “Mercy towards oneself” [...]

Self-forgiveness and conditions to be forgiving to others.


“‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice’– began the Holy Mary, paraphrasing our Master and Lord Jesus. It is vital, however, to understand that one must first exert mercy to oneself. Those who are unable to invest in self-forgiveness will never attain effective, profound and authentic conditions to be forgiving to others.” MARY. Intermediated by the [...]