Spiritual intimacy

For human life to be complete, familial and amical relationships, ties of intimacy, whether or not formed by biological kinship, need to be maintained, developed, deepened. In circles of more intimate fraternity, there is an exercise of lived and felt universal good-fellowship, to which all human creatures are destined, toward angelhood!…


Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia Medium: [...]


Are you unhappy in your marriage, in your profession or with the college degree you earned?

There is always time, at any age or circumstance, to radically or partially change life, or at least to consider the idea of change, so as to plan it with caution. In comparison with all previous centuries, nowadays, people [...]

Divine paradox

May each one of us keep our days in watchfulness and prayer, so that we may benefit more, by the most effective way that there is: assisting Heaven to be among us, in the curious and divine paradox (which reveals the deep respect of GOD for His-Her conscious creatures) of helping Those who help us [...]

Praying and Reflecting Aloud – 05/17/2018

Divine Vectors are evolutionary vectors. They point to the integration, to the inclusion, to the respect to sentiments and to the dignity of the different. As long as we do not invade the space of others, we have the right to be who we are. We must be who we are! Onward, caravan of courage! [...]

Perennial and universal need

Reinforce your prayers and develop a more self-aware attitude – watchfulness, in Christic language –, with less rationalizations and ego defenses.

Otherwise, there can neither be authentic self-knowledge, nor the overcoming of problems and existential crises.

Conversely, the pains are thus aggravated rather than remedied, and the illusions perpetuate themselves, torturing the soul, the heart, [...]