Spiritual protectors

All families, biological or not, have their spiritual protectors, who especially watch over the interests and needs of their evolutionary group. The habit of prayer and the exercise of fraternity, regardless of whether one follows a conventional religion or not, favor the attunement with these “guardian angels”, through the intuition, even without ostensive mediumistic communications.


The miracle of every day

Do not hesitate at the possibility to extend the good, even in what seems to you to be insignificant amounts.

The miraculous Web of Life leads you, at every moment, to the right person and circumstance, where you can better love, enlighten, comfort, offer what you have, what you know how to do, your experience, [...]

Accelerating one’s own evolution

How to accelerate one’s own evolution? By making more mistakes!

Not in the sense of slacking in the discernment or the self-discipline, but in the sense of not blocking oneself to experiences, because of the fear of making mistakes.

It is well known that one of the fundamental factors that favor a child’s learning is [...]

The Angel-Mother speaks about Her Authorship and about immediatism

Recently, when I found myself focused on meditation, retreated to my accommodations, Our Greater Mother appeared to me and, as in an spiritual whisper, by the language of the thought, asked me, sweetly and majestically at the same time:


“Tell, my daughter, the pupils of our Soul, a message that will clarify the topic [...]