Mercy towards Oneself

Mercy towards Oneself


In a prophetic, affectionate and comforting tone, the Greatest Mother of Humanity said to us:

“I desire mercy, not sacrifice”—began the Holy Mary, paraphrasing our Master and Lord Jesus.

“It is vital, however, to understand that one must first exert mercy towards oneself. Those who are unable to invest in self-forgiveness will never attain effective, profound and authentic conditions to be forgiving of others.”

“It is necessary to understand that mercy constitutes love not in spite of one’s shortcomings, but because of them. Deficiencies and limitations represent significant aspects of the inner child and animal, less developed facets that characterize the general structure of personality of every individual, composing the constellation of psychic totality, in divine orchestration with the noblest levels of the being.”

“Mercy towards oneself”—reiterated the Mother-Christ—,“compassion with one’s own less flattering inclinations, so there can be legitimate tolerance towards the weaknesses of others.”

“Mercy towards oneself always, but without excessive self-complacency, permissiveness or carelessness, which imply connivance with malevolent or criminal inclinations, and they indicate the departure from discipline and from the persistent effort of working, studding, the self-improvement, and the spirit of responsibility, natural attributes of every worthy and conscious adult person.”


Message from Holy MARY

Intermediated by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia

Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

May 16, 2015


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