Morning Reflection 26.

Morning Reflection 26.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
by the Spirit Sister Brígida.

Make your love as solid as a rock, as flexible as water, as vast as the sky and as deep as the ocean.

Do not impose limits or barriers onto what has no boundaries.

Every time you feel you are about to collapse, remember that there are new ways of nurturing love, be it in the anonymity of volunteer work, or in the tenderness of maternal love or in the warmth of a friendship.

Break the prejudices that bind you to the past, to outdated models, schemes and values, unsuitable to the complex, mutable, unpredictable modern realities. Everything advances. There are everlasting principles, such as integrity. How we express these in everyday life, however, varies according to people, culture, place and circumstances. It is the common sense, the lucidity and the maturity of every individual that gives them proper application.

If your heart asks you for something, do it. Not the impulse of desire or pleasure, which are not from the heart, but from the entrails. I speak of the soul’s enthusiasm for self-giving, for serving, and for overflowing onto the other, for the other. This is a sacred impulse, even if it does not come dressed up according to what social conventions proclaim as correct.

Jesus called the members of the Pharisee orthodox class hypocrites, for being more concerned with the appearances, with unrestricted and loyal obedience to rites, traditions, social rules and laws, but oblivious of the essential: their own heart and the wholeness of the soul of who does something for feeling sincerely compelled to it, and not to preserve customs. Do not want to be one of these who, as the Christ said, resemble whitewashed tombs: white on the outside but full of rot and plunder inside.

Love – sincerely, immeasurably and responsibly. And the rest shall indeed be added to you.

(Message received on May 2, 2001).

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