The Most Sacred Responsibility

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspasia

Having scruples to do good? Do it, even if later on you realize you made a mistake. It is better to make mistakes in the initiative of serving than surrendering to the criminal negligence, which always has disastrous consequences.

Very elegant and noble your modesty to not engage in tasks that do not seem to have any relation with you. But if you feel the voice of your heart speak clearly about proposals of your ideal, do not stop yourself and dare to present yourself to service, fearlessly.

Companions may tell you absurdities, with the unconscious goal of dismaying you. Forgive them, in their murderous rage of dreams, never forgetting that they are living sepulchers, carrying in themselves, like a Dante traveling spectacle, the unburied rotten dreams of their abandoned ideals.

Follow, with courage, faith’s suggestions. Every great human initiative began, initially, as an act of a brave heart. Do not fear. Jesus, many times, suggests courage in His Gospels. Do not trouble your heart. I prepared a place for you, beside the Father. Do not worry about tomorrow. For each day, its care. I did not come to bring peace, but the sword. He made it clear, then, that His philosophy is the one of heroic and fearless soldiers, willing to sacrifice even their lives, in the name of the Cause.

Be wise, be prudent, use common sense and logic, in each step of the way, but be sure to listen to the voice of audacity, the voice of the sacred appeals to bravery, to the audacity to try the impossible because the heart asks. God follows ahead of the Warriors of Light, who do not fear tomorrow, who are not worried about other people’s opinion about themselves and the losses they may have in the campaign of Faith.

Be responsible with the assets and commitments under your care, but do not forget the greatest of the responsibilities and the most sacred commitment: your connection with God and everything concerning the quest to fulfill His Divine Will.

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