As the alien immigrant who speaks fluently the language of the new country of residence and believes not to have an accent (or almost), due to not realizing it in himself, and often receiving compliments from the native speakers (the accent is on adults a neurophysiological-linguistic condition inevitable for non-native speakers, and its complete elimination is practically impossible), also those who are at a less advanced stage of psychological and spiritual maturity tend to judge more mature personalities, through the inappropriate filters of the deficiency that their ego and presumption do not allow them to see in themselves. So, they act, think and feel in an invasive and authoritarian, unjust and ungrateful way, also considering themselves – irony of ironies – victims, when they enter areas of responsibility that neither regard them, nor could be under their authority.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
by the Spirit Gustavo Henrique
Aracaju, SE – December 03, 2012


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