What century are you in?

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
by the Spirit Temístocles

In the 1600s, we said: “Oh, Earth is not the center of the universe that God created!”

In the 1700s, we spread to the four corners of the world: “Wow! God created everything from Mathematics!” In the 1800s, we shouted angrily: “It is a lie! God does not exist! It is a mere instrument of manipulation for the powerful! Only reason brings truth!”

In the 1900s, we condescended: “Religion is important as a social phenomenon that promotes peace among the masses, but let’s leave it to the ignorant. We, the educated, need to remember that God is a creation of the primitive mind.”

In the 2000s, we split up, some saying: “God exists, even the brain perceives Him/Her, the same way it perceives the material world”; others, adding to the general confusion, state: “Nonsense, it is all brain’s biochemistry!”

In the 2100s, we will unite again, postulating, in the unison common sense that will be made universal, in a great synthesis of the historical phenomenon of the evolution of ideas about God: “Religions can be retrograde, fanaticism can cause atrocities, however, God not only exists, but also utilizes the biochemistry of our neurophysiology to communicate with us.”

In what century do you want to be?

(Message received on April 14, 2007)
(Revised by Marcone Vieira)

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