Short Notes

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
by the Spirit Anacleto

Patience: the essential art of waiting for the indispensable maturation of all events.

Impatience: abortion of all processes, suicide of any possibilities.

Fear: emotional delirium.

Courage: soul’s determination.

Prudence: continuous and serene lucidity.

Senselessness: the escape from truth and life.

Love: driving force of life.

Disaffection: precipitation into the abyss

Loyalty: principle of love.

Disloyalty: portrait of disaffection.

Spirit: the essence, the life.

Matter: the body, the vehicle.

Persistence: proof of will.

Forsaking: revelation of the lie.

Illusions: the route to learning.

Truth: the discovery of Eternal Life.

(Message received on August 12, 2002)
(Translated by Iris Souza – Revised by Luciane Dias)

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