A Dream Converted into a Nightmare

(A grave warning to the ones living in physical bodies)

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
by an Anonymous Spirit.

If I could say in a few words what I think is essential, I would say: don’t forget the past, don’t be a prisoner of the past, learn with the past and move towards the future, enjoying every single opportunity in the present time to build your destiny. I know this sounds crazy, but it isn’t. Instead, it’s one of the most important paradoxes we need to profoundly understand in order to widely apply it to our lives.

I was an immigrant who went to the USA seduced by the American dream. I had a sports car, a big house and a beautiful blue eyed wife, which were everything I believed I had to conquer to be happy.

However, what I didn’t know at the time, was how much would cost my soul to try living the adventure of fate confronting my infantile desires. I sold my soul to the devil, as they say.

To abandon my country, my beloved ones, my culture, my language turned out to be my true entrance to hell. I didn’t know, in my youth, how much important it is for self-fulfillment to be honest with oneself and follow the path of the heart, of our personal beliefs, our noblest goals – those which don’t have links with the ego or self-concern, ironically.

In the end of my unfortunate trip to the nightmare, I died in my fifties, before a tragic divorce with the consummate hatred of my ex-wife and my three children, broken and depending on the charity of strangers to survive.

If you wish the same of what I stupidly wanted in my last life in the body, I warn you, with your best interests at heart: don’t do it. Immigrating to attend to a spiritual calling to study, work or absorb new values is a great act of braveness. But if you are motivated only by material passions, stop now and choose to educate your mind, launching yourself into a higher level of consciousness, learning to extract joy and happiness from your present life’s situation, fighting and working hard to change your fate in the very place you are now.

The human being always has the power to change him or her destiny, to rebuild him or her circumstances, with determination, humility and also by becoming a little bit of a maverick. This is not to think small, but exactly the opposite: this means to believe in yourself and in your folks to make a difference, without appealing to the achievements or ideals of other nations or individuals.

(Article composed in partnership with the medium on February 18, 2012)
(Revised by Luciane Dias)

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