Crying for Mediumship

Benjamin de Aguiar
by the spirit Eustáquio

Dear embodied fellow:

You would really like to have the gift of hearing and seeing clearly the selfless Spiritual Guides. You miss your spiritual home in a way you can`t define and you would like, at least, to keep a close contact through extraordinary means with those who belong to your world. However, you notice your weak ability to hear them and your visual perceptions dull and limited exclusively to the physical world.

You cry, lonely, because you cannot go beyond your prayer and meditation in your painful moments. However, friendly arms hold you, offering you affection, help and assistance.

Do not despise the opportunity of being useful and acting on behalf of the good, despite your great loneliness. Remember that if you cannot directly perceive the Spiritual Guides, they exist nevertheless – just like the radio and TV waves in the air, around you, indifferent to your inability to notice their presence.

And lastly, remember that your merit is always greater when you interact with your disembodied friends only through intuition and inspiration, guided by the ideal of truly helping your neighbor. By doing that, you can count on Divine Providence, which will support your faltering steps.

(Message received on February 27, 2005)

(Translated by Iris Souza – Revised by Luciane Dias)

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