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Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugênia

(Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar) – Dear Eugênia, do you have anything to say to our Internet readers?

(Spirit Eugênia) – Yes, I do. May they have patience with their limits, but be not condescending with the limitations in their lives. For example: that they be at peace with the fact that they are not as intelligent as they would like to be, but do not content themselves with the level of culture and knowledge they have. May they be indulgent with the level of love they feel – always seen as deficient by those truly awakened for the Spiritual Light – but be not complacent with the lack of courtesy and solidarity they perceive in their behaviour.

(BTA) – It is very interesting this comparison between external and internal, between being self-indulgent but not complacent. Do you have anything else to say about it?

(SE) – No, about another matter. May they not postpone the love they can feel today – and show it. May they not delay the study of another language, the new course or the initiative for a new project at work, which they have been putting off for a long time. May they not ignore the need to start today, to exercise and care for their bodies. May they never neglect the spiritual disciplines of daily prayer, engage in volunteer services and attend a religious service. In short, may they not procrastinate anything in their lives, which they already see as correct and necessary.

(BTA) -Would you like to propose anything else to our readers?

(SE) – No, I would not. I just want to say that life is wonderful for those who know it and want to see it as it is: a magnificent journey of learning, growth and achievement. It can also become a hell, though, if we omit ourselves in the chapter of the essential – what we already know we should do and be.

And, thus, may they start their days, listening to their own intuition, to the suggestions of their consciousness, to the claims of their own hearts, making use of all techniques that they feel are appropriate, in order to align themselves with their own Core: prayers, meditations, visualizations, and, thereby, set guidelines for the day, always making sure to follow them, as much as possible.

 (Dialogue happened on April 1, 2003.)

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