The Lack of Intelligence of Atheism.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugênia

Would you go to a biologist to address particle physics issues? Would you seek advice from a renowned magistrate about your general health?

Very well: this is what is frequently happening among those who declare themselves atheists – they belong to disciplines of knowledge or listen to opinions of authors or speakers who are not prepared to talk about the highly complex, dense and extremely profound theme of the “Existence of Existence” (excuse me the pleonasm, but it is just to give an idea of the absurdity of not accepting the Origin of Everything).

If you are not a person of limited intelligence or do not have a more serious mental disorder, and you call yourself an atheist, you probably suffer from a flaw of concept or information. It is probable (I repeat: if you are a person of average intelligence and mentally sane) that you suffer from a fair reaction against the clergy and dogmatism, due to the abuses committed by organized religions of all cultures and times, even those of today.

In counterpart to the denial of the existence of a Supreme Being, let me object: a very outmoded reply (it remind us of the Enlightenment of the 18th century and not of the multifaceted and immeasurable brightness of the human knowledge of the 21st century), neurotheologians, modern physicists internationally renowned, large factions of depth psychology, such as the transpersonal, the archetypical and the classic analytical psychology, as well as scholars of comparative religion; a significant contingent of parapsychologists and respectable anthropologists and ethnologists, not to mention a good portion of the medical community, specially oncologists and urgent and intensive care unit staff (who deal more closely with the phenomenon of death), millions of critic, clever and highly informed minds, are massively convinced that not only God and the Forces that represent Him/Her exist, as we ourselves are immortal creatures on the way to higher experiences of consciousness, outside the experience of the more condensed matter of our physical bodies.

However, if you prefer to stick with the opinion of the fireman speaking about electricity – which is not very different from historians and sociologists examining atomic physics or nurses treating of civil engineering, the choice, really, is yours, but be sure, nevertheless, that you give a very unpleasant impression of arrogance, ignorance and incoherence, to those who are more lucid, educated and intelligent than you.

Aracaju, morning of January 07, 2012

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